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  • TWL Season 25 Teams


    1. Evil
    2. Rapid
    3. Divine
    4. Rocket
    5. Ram Ranch
    6. Flapperz


    1. Evil
    2. Rapid
    3. Divine
    4. Ram Ranch
    5. Flapperz
    6. Rocket

    1. Evil
    2. Ram Ranch
    3. Rapid
    4. Flapperz
    5. Divine
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      Could have sworn turban told me he'd wait until last minute to sign Blood up. Only two more base spots !!!

      T W L hype


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        So for a guy who is hopeful to land on a TWL roster, when are rosters submitted and locked into place? Are these rosters locked in for the entire season? When are the rosters disclosed to the public?

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          Are aagi (blood) and aggi (flappy) different ppl btw?

          Could play twlb I guess, looks like there's a few good teams this season. ?message TPZ if u have a slot


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            Add Rocket for LD/LJ


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              Ram Ranch is looking to add to and pad up our TWLD/TWLJ line, if you are serious about either of these ships and don't have a home yet for TWL/are 6th/7th/8th slot in a line up and think you could start for us, message me in game.
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                You can also ?message dreamwin if you are interested of playing competitively in jav/base this year. All shit seems to be going down 1-6am euro time so its quite hard to participate in recruiting wars.
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                  Originally posted by Dreamwin View Post
                  You can also ?message dreamwin if you are interested of playing competitively in jav/base this year. All shit seems to be going down 1-6am euro time so its quite hard to participate in recruiting wars.
                  Two leagues running simultaneously and we can't start games earlier? When will we ever trial this? Would make more sense to have our west coast players wake up at 8AM on a Sunday morning than having our European player base, yes I know it's a small percentage, stay up that fucking late when they need sleep for work the next day.


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                    I don't get it. Busiest times in TW are like Friday/Saturday nights yet we host leagues middle of the day on Sundays when people should be spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors or watching sports (usa). Why? All so a handful of inactive euros can play and dominate at their preferred times playing at the peak time of 8pm? Pretty nice! Majority of us are forced to play at the worst times, middle of the day in sunlit rooms with active households. I quit because these times are super trash and riding bench is demoralizing (but that's besides the point)

                    Where is the line drawn? How many more need to quit before it's considered? Just baffles me that no one is willing to try another time slot than Sunday at that same horrid time when its already well known nights during the week are by far the busiest times. No one plays at these times during non-leagues so why are we doing it for leagues? Maybe that's the point though.. Basement dwellers and euro's get their easy medals. Rest of us get fukt. Seems pretty sus to me.

                    Ah well. As use this will fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes?)

                    Have a great season everyone, especially my US bros Sending positive vibes yall get many cloudy days and them wifeys allow you to close them curtains up like Ft. Knox and ignore your children for 8 hours for chance at the glory.


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                      Grasps running twl 26 going to be so good.
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                        Originally posted by Ardour View Post
                        Grasps running twl 26 going to be so good.
                        His opinion is valid. Even the most single, no-life, unemployed Americans have football to watch at the very least on Sundays, which always happen right when TW games are going down. Most of us have families and responsibilities too. Playing on Sunday mornings/afternoons really are a drag.

                        Refusing to ever change or adapt only because "its always been done this way" is peak Boomer energy.
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                          except he's completely wrong because friday/saturday night are the most dead times in TW and have been forever


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                            are you gonna post how in season roster transactions will work? for exampil if we know sum1 cant b present week 1 and dont want to include them on week 1 roster but wish to add them for week 2

                            cud ther plz b sum post about in season roster transactions


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                              man has 4 out of 10 active remaining sharks on his squad and wants "in season roster transactions"

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