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    The Season 16 TWDT-D Finals will take place this Sunday between Power and Blind. I will also be posting previews of TWDT-J and TWDT-B later on.

    Zidane, the King of all Saiyans, will make perhaps the final attempt of a Triple Crown in this game.

    Many have tried. All but one have failed.

    Most teams couldn't reach all three finals. Those that did, often lacked enough talent across all three leagues. Terrorist was never a threat to triple crown, lacking WB firepower in all their iterations. Dun vs Me frankly never had the Basing strength to triple crown. They were murdered 20-3 in the 2013 TWDT-B Finals by Baratheon, and the year they Triple Crowned they were outkilled by 170, and only won because Cape trolled BONK! in terr dying 17 times because he was watching an NFL game. Dun vs me eked by with a 20:00-19:53 win.

    Power has repeatedly built Triple Crown contenders, reaching all three finals in 2015 and 2018. They would have easily triple crowned in 2017 had they reached the TWDT-B Finals, but were narrowly edged out by Ogron's Baratheon in the Semi-Finals.

    After getting the #1 pick and selecting Ease, however, this is easily the most favored team to Triple Crown heading into a final.

    With Terrorist flaming out of the regular season in spectacular fashion and failing to make the playoffs, and Power reaching all three finals, Zidane surpasses Dreamwin to become the most decorated captain in TWDT history with 5 Titles and 14 Finals appearances, versus Terrorist's 5 Titles and 12 Finals. He needs only 1 championship to take sole possession of most titles.

    Their first test comes against Blind.

    Major Crisis, meanwhile, has a chance to break into the Top 10 all-time TWDT teams, should they prevail in TWDT-D. Blind is currently 13th, and would leapfrog into a tie for 9th with a win.

    Let's get on to the actual match.


    Blind built a balanced contender that had success in all three leagues. They dominated the Semi-Finals in TWDT-D, putting on immense pressure against legitimate TWLD Champions Mythril and Beam, and gaining a decisive 2-0 result. They push extremely hard, team well, and wear teams down with endless flanks.

    Blind is Envy in disguise, with 24, Major Crisis, Kado, and Geio all there. They care, they're active, and they like playing with each other -- always a dangerous combination in TWDT. While none of them won a TWL title as a starter, they have arguably been one of the top two cores of players in the post-TWL era, winning a plethora of TWDT titles. Blind reached a pair of finals last year, and clinched the TWDT-J title, and their entire core has won multiple rings in warbird, jav, and base.

    They're a legitimate threat to Power's ambitions. Let's run through their starters in warbird.

    Dak has won TWLD titles with Sweet and Fierce, and has regained much of his skill in unrusting this season. He dropped a massive 18 kills in the Semis, and is their best player.

    24 is their 8-Star, and one of the greatest TWDT players to ever live. Even people who hate him acknowledge his heroics in the league, and he is extremely dangerous in TWDT Finals. 24 has reached 3 of the last 4 TWDT-D Finals as either the best or second best player. He won the warbird final in 2013 over Thunder and the 2016 final over Terrorist. He will run all game, lure, and annoy the enemy team. He will try extremely hard. If anyone can tilt Ease, it's 24. He even managed to take Ease and Best down in the 2013 TWDT-D Finals.

    Geio is the third part of this Blind trifecta, and will be defending his 2017 TWDT-D title he won on Earthworm Jim. He's a solid warbird known for staying alive and playing safe, and he will need to shine if Blind wants to win, as their low stars are their Achilles heel.

    Ra is consistently one of the most underrated TWDT players in the game. This 7-Star reached the finals four straight seasons on Power, Terrorist, Blind, and Blind. He's a very good spider who also manages to be solid in warbird and base, and has proven one of the best low stars around. Unfortunately, Power's low stars in warbird are horribly broken, and he will find himself at a slight disadvantage at that star level. BIET and Maito_Chi look to be their subs should anyone be missing, and are decent players who shouldn't throw.

    MVP showed up and played well for Blind in the Semis as their 6-Star, and proved serviceable in their onslaught. If he starts the Finals, he will easily be the weakest player in the game, however, and could be Blind's undoing if he doesn't manage his deaths and stay with the group.


    Power eviscerated the regular season with the most dominant record in TWDT history, winning an astounding 25 games. They banished Nasty to the shadowrealm in the Semi-Finals.

    They have no weaknesses in warbird. This team is a killing machine with Ease and Vys either leading the rush or holding the line, and in their wake is a mass of broken low-star players who vulch, stray, and manage their deaths properly. If you could somehow isolate babe ruth and get him out early, they'd be exposed, but Vys and Ease will never let you get near him, and Lockdown/Lews can and will punish you if you chase him too hard.

    Ease has lost a bunch of TWDT-D Finals, but usually with one other star, and a lackluster supporting cast, where his 15-10 doesn't matter. This is maybe the deepest team he's played on since Power 2012. God help us all.

    Ease is the greatest player to ever play the game, and rated a 10-Star in every league. That Zidane managed to get the #1 pick and select him for the third time is beyond insane, and has warped this entire season, especially when so many star players are gone in 2018. He won the Scoring Race in warbird, javelin, and base playing every game this season, just to prove a point that he is still the best. He hasn't won a title in 7 seasons, and looks hungry to put his stamp on Trench Wars once again.

    Vys is one of the best warbirds to ever play, and, like 24, has had a ton of success in this league, winning TWDT-D in 2008, 2010, and 2016, and taking home the top prize in TWDT-J in 2009 and 2011. He brings lag, aim, and rushing skills to the table, and forms a potent 1-2 punch with Ease.

    Tripin and Lockdown are their 8-Stars, giving Power tons of depth as the spot with veteran warbirds who can get it done. Tripin was on Tool in 2014 (basically Fierce's equivalent of what Envy did with Blind) alongside Apok and Lasenza, as they took down Power's fearsome line of Ease, Racka, and Iron Survivor. He also was dominant in TSLD on his own. He's got the experience to be a difference maker. Lockdown is also an old head in warbird, winning TWDT-D 2009 on Top5Squad, and has been extremely active.

    Lews Therin is one of the OGs of this game. He won TWLD Season 1 back in 1972. There is a 43% chance he has an AARP card. I heard some extremely dookie shena****ns happened during the Free Agency draft, with Zidane somehow convincing some very incompetent TWDT Ops to lower his rating to 7*, despite the fact he's one of the legendary friggin' Densetsu no Sannin of this game, then immediately selected him. Absolute garbage. Anyway, Lews Therin has been one of their best players, and knows how to stay with the team, stray, vulch, cover, and do basically everything except 1v1, but good luck trying to expose him on-screen with Ease/Vys/Lockdown bearing down on you. Ra is a good 7-Star, but Lews is straight-up broken.

    babe ruth plays this game 27 hours a day, has turned himself into perhaps the best 6-Star warbird in TWDT, and consistently stayed alive and played well within the team. He's an upgrade over Blind's MVP, and has proven difficult to exploit within their aggressive scheme.


    Both these teams are really strong, and I think it should be a competitive match. Blind has to win Round 1 or it's completely over, though. There's no universe where they come out of a 0-1 hole. I think Power probably takes this 2-0, with 50-40 wins in both. They're just simply better across the board 1 through 5. They have the best player in Ease, the most broken low-star in Lews Therin, and the most depth should someone lag out or miss the finals. Blind can win this game, however. They have enough firepower, pressure, teamwork, activity, and belief, they just need a bit of luck and to win Round 1.

    Hey, you know which league has the most garbage luck and biggest fluke potential? Warbird!

    This isn't Terrorist in the TWDT-D Finals. Blind is a legitimate threat in warbird, I played against them in the Semi-Finals and they were a nightmare screaming across the screen in unison, and if Power brings their C game, they will 100% lose. There are no free lunches in this Finals.

    Good luck to both teams!

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    HUGE read, I was missing your work. May God be with Blind.


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      This was a really quality post, very nice job and thanks for doing this. Go POWER!


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        Good stuff man
        Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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          Wonder who else is still around from last century.
          First played: 2-15-1999
          To be fair to whatever league ops made the 7* call, I hadn't played for a literal decade till one week before FA. For all they knew, i shoulda been a rusty bucket.


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            Originally posted by Vys View Post
            Good stuff man
            Thanks bud!


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              I first played in around 97. Alpha Zone VIE.

              Then played as xxxdemo.

              I got to watch you in TW Elites while I played for Brittish Squad.

              My current alias I checked yesterday:

              First played: 2-18-2001 0:6:40


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                I didn’t know who Lews was when he came back, be assured I know now. He must have made an impression on a lot of people back in 1972 guy is even on the TW Hall of Fame. And I also know now he’s completely broken at 7.

                Lot of respect to Blind for taking out one of the favorites in semis, these guys will play big but who knows if they can play big enough to overcome these odds.


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                  Originally posted by Omega Red View Post
                  I didn’t know who Lews was when he came back, be assured I know now. He must have made an impression on a lot of people back in 1972 guy is even on the TW Hall of Fame. And I also know now he’s completely broken at 7.

                  Lot of respect to Blind for taking out one of the favorites in semis, these guys will play big but who knows if they can play big enough to overcome these odds.
                  If anyone can do it, it's 24. I'm not a big 24 fan, but you can't deny he's had some sensational TWDT-D runs and is an invaluable TWDT player across all three leagues. Dak is a legit star in warbird who has won multiple TWLD titles. Geio is defending his title and always been a great TWDT-D player.

                  If Ra and MVP or whoever is at the 6-slot play decent, they have a shot.

                  The odds aren't in their favor, but who cares? Anything can happen in a final, and they have legit pieces who play well together. Hopefully all their drama gets solved before Sunday and they show up and play hard


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                    I like your captain's ratings stuff, I mean DT is made around captains, they are the main reason if their team is good or not. But I saw some irregularity when I compare with your finals arena graphic. Your graphic said Burnt won 2 DTJ while here you say he won 1D and 1J. Again the graphic said Attacks lost in DTD final, here you tell it's DTB. Here JAMAL is head of Propane Nightmares while on your graphic it's Spikey, here vys is head of The Jonas Takaluas while on your graphic it's Violence. So who was captains? Here you counted the 2005 season I saw on forum, It would be great if you can add them on the arena graphics, by asking M_M God and Kim if they remember who was playing (maybe hard to remember). From what I read on forum it was not a really successfull season but it's the root of what we have today, it deserve a place on arena graphic imo. And one last thing, what are those Team a2m Team Randedl and Team Anon?? I see that nowhere, don't seems to be legit.

                    I'm not complaining, you are doing a huge work believe me I know it.


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                      Amazing write-up Claus, it's great to have you back doing this stuff man, mean that, luv u papi. You leave no stone unturned, or cheeto dust particles from players unaccounted for, love the depth you go into when you do these. Seeing some of those names from old DT players made my day man except for Burnt but I'll save that story for another day.

                      From what I watched this weekend and pouring over during edits, I feel confident in my predictions and decided to spend a few minutes to throw them out for you guys.

                      Power will win TWDTD, no need to beat around the bush, it's happening. Blind will start strong like they do but once they get tested, spawned, lamed, strayed and out teamed, will fall apart, lose sync and let the internal frustrations run rampant. I think skill wise, if Blind was able to perform at 100%, not lose their metal and stick to teaming, they could be pretty evenly matched. Problem is toxicity and negativity.. Soon as things look bad, instead of rising to the occasion, Blind surrenders to it. Power on the other hand knows how games ebb and flow, acting accordingly to the situation and if they have a bad round, forget it and make the next amazing. They are the most dynamic of the two as well, most of Powers key players can switch styles on the fly depending on their opponent. Blind on the other hand is pretty much a "rush or bust" team. If they are allowed to rush, they can slaughter people. Thing is, only inexperienced teams allow this, they won't get anywhere going into Sunday trying to play their usual style vs. Power. The folks on Power like Vys, Ease, Lockdown, Tripin, ect. can rush defense insanely well, they'll beat you on the back foot and when Blind starts negging hard, going on the back foot themselves, Power will then switch to their deadly rush, finishing them off..Blind better do some hail marry's, have their players volunteer for the poor and go around opening doors for the old because they will need some seriously good karma and a big miracle to walk away victorious. Unless that happens, it's not happening. They're not winning.

                      Power wins TWDTD.

                      As far as Jav goes, this will be fun to watch. I wasn't able to catch the games from Nasty vs. Power when I was recording, so I am only going with what I saw from Legio. To be honest, I've been watching most of the cats on Power for decades in this ship, mainly out of bordem waiting for them to finish so we can dd but never the less, I feel I have a great understanding on the players that will be in this game and what to expect.

                      What to expect you say? Well that's the kicker, it really depends on who shows up Mentally. Mythril showed weakness after going 100% during the first round vs. Blind only to lose it anyways despite his best efforts. Round 2 he seemed crushed, tired, defeated. Luckily he had Steadman to rise up and reinvigorate the team. Mythril regained his confidence and was back into form round 3, becoming a complete beast. Still, for Legio to be successful against the likes of Power, the metal, the mental, has to be there, not 1 round, but the whole time.

                      If Mythril or Claus have a bad round it's up to others at that point to charge the team up. Mythril and Ogron are much too critical on themselves and lack short term memory, they hold on to bad plays and shots made too long. They need to stay even keeled, forget the spawns, the tk's, bad shots, just stay in the zone, make the best plays and always team. Can't stress it enough, team is vital vs. Guys like Zidane know this. Zidane's strongest attribute I think is not so much his skill but his mental, he can operate well in stressful times, he can rise up when he has to and if he has a bad game can bounce right back. Legio will be facing a uphill battle this weekend. I think it will be close folks. Legio has a good chance here but they need to be firing on all cylinders for all 3 rounds. Yep, calling it. 3 rounds with the last being 41-50 Power.

                      Power wins TWDTJ.

                      Ah base... yea.. You know what I love about this match? On paper, Power seems to have it locked down. You see names like Ease, Zidane, McVicar and go "Wow.. LEET". Looking at Legio's roster is really underwhelming from a statistical point of view. But make NO mistake, Legio is a wolf in sheeps clothing. If Power thinks this will be easy, they could find themselves out of contention for their "triple crown".

                      I wasn't able to watch Power much this season in base but I know most of them cats and I just watched a lot of Legio. Legio has a strong basing line, it's nearly equal to Power's in my opinion. If Legio can perfrom like they did last weekend, anything can happen here. We all saw the havoc Jamal wrought on Blind, guy is underrated. Ogron is a master terrier, he knows where to burst, he's aggro and he's smart. I think as terrs go, if Oggie can get into that "zone" of his, he'll be incredible. Mythril is a Godly shark, give him a cram and he will hold it easily. Breaking cram is another story, I think Power has the upper hand to do that especially with the super aggro shark McVicar. Honestly, I hate playing with McVic, he's super aggro but because of that, he can break cram and cause chaos in FR, he has my respect even if I think he's Epsom (salty af)..

                      I think FR battles will be interesting but I think Power will have an upper hand here, Legio is slightly out spidered and it will show. I think the only way Legio can win this is to get FR early and hold cram down for 15 mins. Sounds crazy but they can do it if they show up, like really show up. This will be fun to watch though but I am going to say it, Power will not get the Triple Crown in 2018 and Legio will spoil the party winning TWDTB. PS:Ease, if you need a friend.. I am here for you anytime bro :>

                      Legion wins TWDTB.


                      Peru> Ixador WB God Strikes again!


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                        Good read Claushouse, thanks for the insane effort you put into these game previews. I won't go into any in depth analysis. Seems to be all said here mostly. GL Blind ………... GO Power!!

                        download said...
                        I first played in around 97. Alpha Zone VIE.

                        Then played as xxxdemo.

                        I got to watch you in TW Elites while I played for Brittish Squad.

                        My current alias I checked yesterday:

                        First played: 2-18-2001 0:6:40
                        Good to see you return to the game download. Always is great for zone when this happens. Welcome back!
                        TWDT-J CHAMPION POWER 2018
                        TWDT-B CHAMPION POWER 2018
                        TWDT TRIPLE CROWN MEMBER POWER 2018
                        TSL TRIPLE CROWN FINALIST 2018
                        TSLD CHAMPION 2018
                        TSLB CHAMPION 2018


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                          Well, I tried to return to play something, but not much going on really.

                          It makes me wonder if there was some prizepool for leagues maybe we could get something real going.


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                            Good to see you back download. Log on this weekend to watch the TWDT finals
                            Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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                              top5squad truly one of the top 5 twdt squads of all time, only played a couple seasons but 10 years later our record is still untouchable