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    Starters: Racka, Turban, Cripple, Wirah, Omega Red
    Subs: Cripple, Zeebu, Lifter, Spectacular, J-B-Inc

    Blast is going with Racka/Turban + an army of 7.5s + Omega Red at 6.5 which comes out to exactly 41*.

    Omega Red is shockingly underrated at 6.5 and unlocks everything and is probably the MVP of this line
    after Racka in terms of value.

    They have a lot of strong options at 7.5, which should give them a nice, balanced line imperious to
    choking, lagouts, no shows, and underperformance -- just slot in one of your seven 7.5s, almost all of
    whom have a history of some TWDT-D success.

    Racka is the best warbird in the zone right now by a considerable margin, and Turban has been one of
    the better supporting WBs in TWLD the last few years. I don't think Turb is good value at 9.5, but should
    nevertheless play like a 9* and given that Racka is worth 11* and the 7.5s are neutral to slightly positive
    value, I could see them being a great team.

    the racka song is going back to #1 on the charts.



    Starters: Saiyan, ro, a2m, Bigking, Rojo
    Subs: Warrior, DanSlams, Bram, Major Crisis, Anonym, Kov

    Whereas Racka and Tiny's teams are likely to zip around pressuring and overwhelming teams with
    Quickand-esque cheese, Morph looks like the slowest, pussiest team in the history of TWDT-D, like one
    of those snoozefest TWLD finals from the mid 2000s. Saiyan and Ro are some of the biggest natural
    multi-league talents in the game, but both benefit tremendously from playing with seasoned veterans
    who apply pressure and generate offense from them to vulch and feed off of with their skill, aim, and
    high IQs.

    Who is generating the offense here? This is a team of lobsters and I don't expect any sort of dominating
    performances. Expect a lot of grinding and close games... playing this team should be straight yuck.

    Teams have won both TWLD and TWDT-D playing this way, but it will take some Herculean solo
    performances from their big two to overcome anemic roster contruction.



    Starters: vys, Peru, Aggi, mvp, RageRitual
    Subs: Zidane, banzi, Poseidon, Jessup, Hellzno!, Legacy

    vys should have a monster season as he's highly motivated, but the key to Power's success will be Peru.
    I just don't think Aggi is there yet in warbird, Banzi at 8.5 is neutral value, I don't think any of their 8s are
    good, Poseidon seems like good value at 7.5 but you'd need Legacy to show which is a huge if... I don't
    think MVP or Rageritual are difference makers although at 7 they're playable which is more than I can
    say for most 7s...

    vys will play like an 11* because his confidence is sky high and he's typically been an 11* in TWDT-D, and
    if Peru goes big then Aggi has the ability to just follow in their wake and use his good aim and high IQ to
    vulch and make easy plays and rack up #s, which then eases the pressure off their 7s, so if those two are
    leading the charge they could be extremely good and an aggressive style will mask the fact that neither
    Aggi, RR, MVP or whoever is in with them is actually extremely mediocre at best at WB and in a vacuum
    are irrelevant.

    How much do you trust Peru is the question. It could end up being Banzi as the #2 and then swap out a
    7 for Poseidon at 7.5, which is still solid. I don't see this team winning but they could win a fair amount
    of games off vys being a god and everyone else being decent.


    Hot Tub

    Starters: Iron Survivor, Creature, Paradise, Ravage, Vehicle
    Subs: Renzi, Zapata, Stayon, Zizu, Paradise, Dare, Mecedes

    This is a worse version of Blast's line; 10 and 9.5 carries with some 7.5s and a 6.5. Except Racka is

    stronger than Iron, and their 6.5s are significantly worse than Omega Red, and their 7.5s are fewer in
    number and less talented and Paradise's showrate is questionable.

    They have strong options at 8* in Renzi and Stayon and Zizu, but would have to bench Creature to play
    them, in which case why did you draft Creature? Creature's enormous ego dictates you have to play him
    in all 3 leagues, especially warbird, which means you have to play a sub-optimal line full of unreliable

    and uninspiring players like Ravage, Vehicle, Mercedes, Dare, Elzor... you can't trust paradise to show.
    How far can Iron and Creature take you with a bad supporting cast? They couldn't even win TWLD with
    Ease, Beam, and Turban playing against friggin' Rough. Iron looks out of shape in DDs and Creature is
    still reelin' from getting dunked in TWL and I haven't seen him in months.



    Starters: Ease, Geio, ogron, Dwopple, Beast
    Subs: Dak, Morph, Unabled, Kess, Unlimited, Dad

    There's a spicier line (nice coinage by Commodo) where Unabled shows as a broken 8* and you can play
    Dak in the starting line with Ease still in, but I'll focus on the more likely lineup options.

    Ease was dropping 20s in the last TWDT-D Finals before beam threw, so if the supporting cast can be
    solid Thunder should have success.

    This line is built on having three options at 8.5, of which you can play two: Geio, ogron, and Morph. All
    three are strong options, with Geio and ogron having won TWDT-D at or above their current star levels
    and significant TWLD experience.

    Dwopple has shown he is one of the best 7.5* values in the zone, and should be one of the strongest
    4ths in TWDT, with a sky high IQ, willingness to practice, and understanding of pushing and pressuring.

    The biggest questionmark is going to be the necessity to play a 6.5, of which their options are Beast,
    Unlimited, Cig Smoke or Chrissygirl. Only the first two seem realistic, with Beast having played in
    multiple TWDT-D finals (to varying degrees of success) and Unlimited, who has some value as a 6.5 and
    could be a good play. Nevertheless, players not named Omega Red are typically 6.5 for a reason, and
    there is risk involved in dipping below 7.

    Despite vociferous denials, Ease's style in warbird the past few years has been conservative, and he
    benefits most from playing with WBs who apply pressure, which Geio, Ogron, and Dwopple are more
    than capable of applying -- although all three have been successful in lobster lines as well.

    I think there is more value to Racka in TWDT-D than Ease because Racka's aggressive, pressuring style
    provides non-boxscore value and generates offense for teammates, which is more valuable in draft
    leagues where your teammates are low-star scrubs who struggle more to create their own offense
    consistently while staying 1:1 or positive, and seeing your leader rush in boosts their confidence and
    inspires them to rush as well, creating a groundswell of aggressive, overwhelming play that tends to
    topple opposing TWDT-D teams that feature randos playing together for the first time who don't know
    how to deal with being swarmed and fire early and get crushed.

    Managing the confidence levels of non-TWLD champion players is incredibly important, and one of the
    best ways to overcome that is having a 10* leading the charge of a flying V formation.

    Tiny has built his team's around this ethos, albeit with more balanced, mid-tier teams, for years, to great

    This stuff doesn't work well in TWLD at the highest levels because contenders have enough elite
    veterans who can stand their ground, regroup, and pickoff rushers, and why Ease is still king of TWLD
    due to the high consistency of playing of a more conservative, slow game, and you see more variance in
    Racka's scores in TWLD semis/finals. Rushing groups of 10*s is incredibly hard. In TWDT-D, it's much
    easier and effective. There's zero chance of Ease suddenly doing that, so Geio/ogron/Dwopple will
    benefit their team the most by being the vanguard for Thunder, while Ease does his thing. He's more of
    a Kawhi Leonard than a Lebron James.

    If Beast or Unlimited can stay alive and get decent scores, Ease + 3 veterans who have the ability to both
    generate pressure or lob should be very dangerous.



    Starters: Best, Tripin, Cape, Jurassic, Hellrazor
    Subs: Siaxis, Rylo, Pressure, Joeses, Lupin

    Similar to Renzi's team, Kobe suffers immensely from roster construction issues.

    Best and Siaxis combo in TWDT-D is absolutely lethal. The problem is they don't have the pieces to fit
    around them. Cape are Jurassic are very nice value at 8* but if you're playing a 10/9.5 combo you need
    a plethora of quality 7s, of which they have none. Jz is the only half-viable 7.5 and they have nothing at
    7. Their 6s are uninspiring as well.

    Their saving grace might be that Siaxis will be gone fishing half the season, meaning they can slightly
    downgrade from Tanzu to Tripin who is 9*, meaning they can now play two 8*s in Cape and Jurassic,

    giving them a very strong 4some + Hellrazor at 6*, who is a complete disaster in every ship but given
    he's their only 6 they'll have to make due.

    If those 4 can go nuts they can cover up the fact they have Hellrazor in a ship in subspace, which is not
    dissimilar from playing 4v5.

    Best and Siaxis are buds so expect them to force the line with both in, which is arguably even worse,
    despite the fact they're two of the best warbirds in TWDT-D. Best has been an absolute monster and if
    him and Racka swapped names you'd be hard pressed to know the difference in any DD, and Siaxis
    hero'd the last DT finals, albeit as an 8.5, not his current 9.5.

    The issue isn't them; it's the severe lack of viable 7s and 6s around them. Best is an A+ and Siaxis is an A,
    but this team as a whole is a...



    Starters: Beam, Tiny, Ardour, Star Fox, Doughnut
    Subs: Ra, Pineapple Express, Zizzo

    On the surface, Tiny's team looks like complete dogshit in all three leagues, but if you look closer...

    It still looks terrible.

    Tiny continues his strategy of just playing flat starred lines, going with a 9/8/8/8/8 line here and drafting
    seven 8*s to go alongside Beam, avoiding the pitfall of playing low-starred shitters who get targeted and
    go 3-10 out 1st and destroy your team.

    The issue is that these 8*s are absolute rubbish and none of them are good value at 8*, and beam is a
    supporting player who won as a 3rd or 4th option in TWLD and lost as a 2nd option next to Ease on a
    stack last season, how the fuck is he going to carry as a #1 option, assuming he even shows.

    The strategy was sound, but the execution was that of a flutist trying to get a note out of a wooden cock.


    Powerful Fingermen

    Starters: Sprackle, Flew, Props, Violence, Roiwerk
    Subs: Bacon, Booker, Sarger, Uprise, Yoast

    Violence is very likely to play himself, which makes this line awkward because he is 7.5, and the only
    other player with a .5 rating above the 6s is Roiwerk, which means Roiwerk has to show AND be good
    for Violence to play.

    That's an incredibly awkward requirement from the get-go. I think Roiwerk IS viable, if he shows and is
    active, which seems incredibly suspect. Bad start.

    Sprackle has proven to be a very strong warbird, but is he a first option? Flew has made multiple TWDT-
    D finals before choking them all away, and Props has been good but not great, he's solid value at 8*
    albeit not inspiring. I like Violence and Roiwerk at 7.5. Bacon randomly goes nuts in TWDT once every
    few years so he's a nice backup piece. Booker is ok at 8 but doesn't have Props pedigree.

    This is a hard one to judge. The top 2 options are still worse than every other duo out there, but their
    3/4/5 is deceptively strong. This is the kind of line at a glance you think is terrible and give an F in a
    grade review, then they go 8-2 and make the finals because they have no weak links (assuming Roiwerk
    shows). I'll give Roi or a future trade the benefit of the doubt and say this is the line Tiny thinks he has
    and wanted to create, just a solid across the board line that sneakily beats out other teams whose low-
    stars shit the bed while they slowly pull away around 30-30 every game as they gain a 5v4 edge knocking
    weak players out.

    Don't get me wrong, if any of these players were on my TWLD team I would uninstall, but in TWDT-D it's
    all about balanced roster contruction and star value and Violence has a proven track record of
    assembling teams within the star cap system.



    Starters: Lockdown, Attacks, Commodo, Jack, Lee
    Subs: Heaven, Mean Gene, Sunny D, Mouse, rucci, Rough, Zero

    This could end up being a 10/9/8/8/6, or if they play Rough + a 6.5, a 10/8.5/8/8/6.5 and remove Attacks
    and Lee.

    This lineup construction could end up being similar to Thunder:



    Verrrrrrrryyyyyyy similar across the board, except Ease is better than Lockdown, and Attacks hasn't been
    very active of late. Commodo and Dwopple play super similar, and there's some risk with either Beast or
    Lee at the 5-slot, although again both have finals experience which is helpful. Lockdown has been on
    fire so the dropoff here isn't huge, but again this team, similar to Thunder, has some serious firepower
    in the middle of their line, and some wiley veterans like Commodo who actively push and pressure and
    play for the team. Jack and Attacks are TWLD finals level players who know how to perform in the
    clutch, and Lockdown has been on fire winning back-to-back TWLD titles and playing well in the finals.

    This team could go far, although a lot depends on their 5th and if Lockdown can win his first title as a
    clear #1 option, something Ease has no questionmarks around.



    Starters: Bike, Dreamwin, Rasaq, Kado, Banks
    Subs: Paky Dude, maketso, Monkee, PureOwnage, Ixador

    This line is like a worse version of Viop's team and a slightly better version of Tiny's.

    It's a flat starred line although Rasaq and Dreamwin's 8.5 value mean they have to play a 7* as their
    fifth, which Banks is solid enough. Their "#1 option" in Bike is yucky, bike has never won or done
    anything ever at any point in warbird, unless you count dropping a nice rec in a joke dd, which i don't.

    Rasaq and Dreamwin are the only saving grace's here as deceptively good value at 8.5, Dreamwin brings
    a lot of pressure, lag, and confidence and plays like a true leader, which really helps build confidence in
    his teammates and eke out wins against more talented teams. Again, I can't emphasize enough how
    important leadership is in TWDT -- you're not playing with TWL players who can hold their own, you're
    leading untrained green units one squeak away from shitting themselves in battle and choking into
    nothingness. Leading the charge at the front, even if you 7-10, has incredible value in inspiring the
    troops and having them play at or above their talent levels.

    Dreamwin's shitty warbird lines consistently outperform, and sometimes even reach the finals, despite
    him often refusing to draft even a single WB. He's an elite triple crown champion cap for a reason.

    Rasaq is also better than 8.5 and good value, although his showrate is often erratic and his
    performances wax and wane depending on the lunar cycle. He's talented but a total wildcard, and can
    give you 15-8 or 5-10 depending on the day.

    Kado is washed but talented, and his showrate blows, but maketso and Paky dude are serviceable 8*s in
    his place and they're probably all similar value and interchangeable.

    I expect this team to do better than most people probably think, but not well enough to be a serious

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    there is literally zero chance you actually wrote this yourself lol


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      Originally posted by zidane View Post
      there is literally zero chance you actually wrote this yourself lol
      LOL I thought the same. That said, this is a great write-up and read. Blast's line looks like a winner on paper and chemistry.

      Thanks for posting
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        Originally posted by zidane View Post
        there is literally zero chance you actually wrote this yourself lol

        Last edited by Heaven; 09-08-2021, 05:08 PM.
        3:BOMBED> got donuts
        3:BOMBED> how jealous
        3:Heaven> how american
        3:BOMBED> ??????????
        3:BOMBED> wtf u suppose to get
        3:BOMBED> they didnt have any fried goat


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          Very good predictions, thanks for the work
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          TWDTD champion x 3
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            You going for donkey of the year?


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              I believe he wrote it coz it's not very accurate, and the ratings don't match the descriptions... but... being a bit wrong and insulting is what makes these good, so cool ty.


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                Thanks for the review, always love reading these
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                  Great read! Thanks for the rating adjustment as well heaven! Can't wait to not go fishing on Sundays LOL
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                    I'm not gonna pretend like the other guys in here

                    This was straight trash and you should feel ashamed


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                      Here are the numerous things wrong here

                      1. You dont play the ship
                      2. You stink in the ship
                      3. You come across like a fanboy
                      4. Your perception of competitive gameplay is invalid because of the above points
                      5. Your garbage takes are highly influenced by trolls in thunder chat to the point where you are effectively brainwashed

                      You got a few things right but there were enough triggering points to where the review was absolute dumpster dog shit

                      "Thanks for the review" Skip "Heaven" Bayless
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                        I don't play warbird but still enjoyed reading this salty review. Great write-up Heaven, I can't speak to its accuracy but entertaining read none-the-less. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
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                          Hilarious review, but sounds suspiciously like Poseidon wrote it.
                          You come at the King, you best not miss.


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                            Originally posted by saiyan View Post
                            Here are the numerous things wrong here

                            1. You dont play the ship
                            2. You stink in the ship
                            3. You come across like a fanboy
                            4. Your perception of competitive gameplay is invalid because of the above points
                            5. Your garbage takes are highly influenced by trolls in thunder chat to the point where you are effectively brainwashed

                            You got a few things right but there were enough triggering points to where the review was absolute dumpster dog shit

                            "Thanks for the review" Skip "Heaven" Bayless
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                              Originally posted by RaCka View Post
                              Thanks for the review, always love reading these
                              I read it and the nearly tripped over your soaking wet dick. You almost got reviewed in every lineup bud LOL
                              Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars