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Trenchwars Dead - Abusive Staff and My Retirement

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  • Trenchwars Dead - Abusive Staff and My Retirement

    It has been a good run y'all. I wish you luck in some of your endeavors. Trenchwars use to have the community in support of each other's interest, but it's clear that has changed. I use to come here to practice primarily accuracy. The slow ass infrequent shots of the warbird in particular was extremely useful on so many levels for other zones.

    Over the years I made a lot of good friends, but staff has decided they want me gone. Maybe the game won't die and there will always be a few weirdos around to sustain, but as an game that use to be sold in local Best Buys around the US it's clear there are multiple failures leading to the current state things. I'm banned on multiple levels. Other dumb bitches may come in here and deny it or remove bans, but what is done is done. I'm leaving because of these wrongful actions. I'm not interested in hearing their stories, corrections or whatever. I'm one of the old school frequently active members of the community quitting because staff sucks.

    Trenchwars in particular is getting destroyed by garbage staff.

    I've created ,multiple zones, ran my own server, hosted servers on early clouds, attached my servers to SSC Billing, I've had high level bang cross zone ban/moderation powers, and I've worked with Testtube/Ghostship to better the community and build on interesting project ideas in "early" Subspace. I've built bots from scratch, moderated, been super operator, and system operator in RAVE zones, T3 Gauntlet, Raptor, Pod-racing, Action Fortress, EG, and even Trenchwars back when there was wiser and better circumstances surrounding their "team". They have made no effort to incorporate me as an resource even though was available years ago prior to all these recent debacles regarding their semi-retarded staff.

    Today is new hat. These kids are dumb, probably mentally unstable, and unable to handle basic moderation of their own team because of bias. The game is dead. I don't really care because I have other shit to do, but I just wanted to watch them delete this thread.

    Thanks, good luck, and goodbye,


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          Check this


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                Originally posted by Klean-X View Post
                These kids are dumb, probably mentally unstable
                This you?

                Originally posted by Klean-X View Post
                I hope his ugly ass freckled arms develop skin cancer, maybe someone who actually knows how to manage an event can take over when he passes irl.


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                    2019 and 2021 kids sounding off, very good.


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                      In subspace's endless sea,
                      Where battles rage and ships doth flee,
                      Klean-X was known to all,
                      But their presence brought no joy or thrall.

                      Nasty and rude, they were to be,
                      A bane to all who came to see,
                      Their name upon the leaderboard,
                      But to others, their rudeness, a sore.

                      So when Klean-X chose to quit,
                      No one mourned nor gave a bit,
                      For their departure brought relief,
                      From the insults and the grief.

                      In subspace's endless churn,
                      Players come and go, they yearn,
                      For battles and for camaraderie,
                      Not for those who act with impropriety.

                      So farewell to Klean-X, good riddance,
                      Your nasty ways and rude existence,
                      Shall not be missed, nor e'er recalled,
                      In subspace's halls, where honor is enthralled


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                        Klean-x if this is true, I loved playing with you all these years. You truly are a real vet and have seen and done it all. I hope everything works out for you in life and wish you all the best my friend. It is pretty sad state of affairs these days, I agree. A friend saw me playing this game the other day and asked how do I download this game it looks awesome, and I told him to stay away and it wasn't worth it due to skill level gap and trolls. What klean says has some merit. I've heard that old vets have been getting banned from mmr simply for not getting good scores when they return after being away. This is unacceptable.

                        Klean-x is a great player and this is a loss for zone . All the best buddy and ur always welcome on Paladen if you change your mind.
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                          Dear Klean-X,

                          As I bid you farewell, I wanted to express my gratitude for the time we spent together. Your cleaning capabilities were truly impressive, and you always made sure my living space was sparkling clean. However, I must say that I also have mixed feelings about our parting.

                          While I appreciated your cleaning prowess, I couldn't help but feel frustrated with the amount of time and effort it took for me to get a hold of you when I needed your services. It often seemed like I had to jump through hoops just to schedule an appointment with you, and that made me feel undervalued as a customer.

                          Despite this, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I hope that you'll take this feedback to heart and improve your communication and customer service skills moving forward. Who knows, maybe we'll cross paths again in the future.


                          absurd> havnt seen ekko miss in 20 mins;\


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                            Dear Klean-X,

                            I am writing this letter to express how much I will miss you. As a loyal customer of Klean-X for many years, it is with sadness that I have to say goodbye.

                            Your cleaning solutions have been a staple in my home, and I have relied on them for a clean and healthy living environment. Your products have always been effective, leaving my home smelling fresh and looking spotless. I have recommended your products to friends and family, and I will miss using them.

                            More than just your products, your customer service has been exceptional. Your staff has always been friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to help with any questions or concerns I had. Your commitment to customer satisfaction has made me feel valued as a customer, and I will miss this level of service.

                            I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the years of service and the impact you have had on my life. I will miss your products and customer service, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

                            Thank you again for everything.




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                              Also, hope this helps in your future endeavors:


                              Objective: To leverage my extensive experience in Trenchwars Subspace to secure a role in a game development or community management position.


                              Trenchwars Subspace (200X - 2023)
                              • Created and managed multiple zones, including RAVE, T3 Gauntlet, Raptor, Pod-racing, Action Fortress, EG, and Trenchwars.
                              • Ran my own server and hosted servers on early clouds.
                              • Collaborated with Testtube/Ghostship to develop and improve community projects in early Subspace.
                              • Developed bots from scratch for moderation and management purposes.
                              • Served as a super operator, moderator, and system operator in various zones.
                              • Demonstrated expertise in high-level bang cross zone ban/moderation powers.
                              • Contributed to the Trenchwars community through frequent activity, promoting fair play, and building positive relationships with other members.

                              • Strong knowledge of Trenchwars Subspace gameplay and mechanics.
                              • Experience in creating and managing zones, as well as developing bots for moderation and management purposes.
                              • Highly proficient in high-level bang cross zone ban/moderation powers.
                              • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with a track record of building positive relationships with community members.
                              • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with Testtube/Ghostship to develop and improve community projects.
                              • Proficient in server management and hosting on early clouds.
                              • Strong problem-solving skills, with experience in addressing various community issues and concerns.

                              Education: [Include any relevant educational qualifications, such as a degree or certification in game development, computer science, or related fields]

                              References: Available upon request.
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