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Qan's true nature revealed.

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  • Qan's true nature revealed.

    I don't believe in private conversations for a lot of reasons, anything I say in "private" I would say in public and I rarely talk in private anyway. I don't care if public opinion is against me or for me either. As I'm not big on public opinion of me or having/making friends. In fact I expect either no one to care about this, or to attack me over it.

    That being said there is great value in having checks and balances for people in positions of power. For seeing how they might act in a "behind the scenes setting". Now it could very well be that qan would have no qualms about saying what he wrote to me publicly, and typically I find people don't mind trashing me since they feel my notorious reputation will earn them zero backlash for treating me poorly. I suspect qan will probably be happy I posted this and is going to stick to his "guns" but I feel I'm way more correct than he is in this situation despite any flaws of social interaction I have which I feel are totally irrelevant to development and providing more features/benefits to the community. I also feel I am being way more reasonable/logical and unconditional, but apparently qan only sees manipulation and machinations (reminds me of hoch). By posting this I'm basically accepting defeat, as I can see qan is stubborn and a far greater asshole than I could ever be toward another person. I don't expect things to change, and ultimately I do this because I believe in transparency. I honestly had a far greater impression of qan than was shown in his last reply to me, thought he was better than that, but I guess I do bring out the worst in people after all.
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    Also qan, anyone else. Watch this 3 part series. Then tell me that Danny is an abuser of people:

    Subspace and other online communities are not proper environments where the people in 'power' get to judge others. Subspace is more like a prison environment. There are structural and environmental factors at play here. You shouldn't be a leader in this zone if you can't recognize your part in creating the totally shitty atmosphere all around. The whole conversation I pasted above is me trying to do something productive and end the cycle, and it shows exactly the issue with staff and people in power who just perpetuate the same shit over and over again, and judge others from their high ground.

    He asks me if I'm ashamed of my behaviour. No I am not. I'm treated like a dog so I act like a dog. If I were staff though I would be ashamed to be you after that reply.


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      Also I like how qan is saying I want people to bow to me. If I wanted that then minimally I would be nice? I actually proposed I would be your "underling", that is what "including changes you want done to the discord" means... like how delusional can you get?

      And no I don't need you to do what I want just so I can feel superior or powerful, I don't value myself based on what you think or what you do or don't do for me. I value myself when compared to myself and my potential. The whole superiority thing is something you keep bringing up though which tells me your EGO is at play here BIG TIME.

      You need to grow up, we could have been on alternate timeline where the discord changes were done already and none of this conversation happened, and you were living by setting a good example instead of trying to 'force' others to behave how you want them to behave.

      And again, if you don't listen to me, you somehow think this is my loss.

      You probably think I'm writing so much and fighting for myself too, which is delusional again. I'm doing this because of that 'alternate future' the one that benefits new people to the subspace discord who have all those features. You are harming them by actually truly acting superior, not me.

      In fact I would argue, I'm saying lets be equals and work together, and you are saying "you're fucking trash, so far below me, I would never work with you." Who has the superiority complex now? the TLDR version of your last reply is basically "come up to my level and then maybe I'll work with you."


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        lmao qan was spot on. Holy shit. Get help dude. Every single post I've seen from you is an obvious signalling of how intelligent you are. I've enjoyed watching qan calmly and politely refute all of your dissertations that you spam on the forums. I have no idea how he has the energy.

        He's been trying to gently walk you on a line of logic that leads you to realizing that you don't actually fucking know what you're talking about. Yet you still don't realize how little of a clue you have about any of this shit.

        Appreciate you sharing.
        PattheBat> steadman your name is literally "a mean std"


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          qan try some alternative phrasing maybe. Like instead of "lets eliminate all the gorillas with extreme prejudice" try "Let's circle back on this tomorrow," and instead of "lets lock this giraffe in an abandoned laundromat and emotionally abuse it until it doesn't know who to trust anymore" maybe you can try "Thursday works for me!"


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            Originally posted by Mythril View Post
            lmao qan was spot on. Holy shit. Get help dude. Every single post I've seen from you is an obvious signalling of how intelligent you are. I've enjoyed watching qan calmly and politely refute all of your dissertations that you spam on the forums. I have no idea how he has the energy.

            He's been trying to gently walk you on a line of logic that leads you to realizing that you don't actually fucking know what you're talking about. Yet you still don't realize how little of a clue you have about any of this shit.

            Appreciate you sharing.
            What does me knowing what i'm talking about have to do with developing some features on the discord that qan even said he agrees with? The issue with subspace again for the past 20 years is this thinking and versus attitude you guys all do. Who cares how i come across when I type? I call people idiots all the time for things I disagree with, that doesn't mean I called them overall idiots, it means in that situation/choice they made i think they were dumb. So it's not even an overarching claim, let alone one that should matter to anyone who was confident in themselves.

            Nothing changes the fact that i get insulted everyday and if I was staff I would still BE better at bringing people together, because I actually give people chances, don't hold grudges, and i'm capable of forgiveness or outright putting the interests of the zone ahead of my own personal feelings. All these logs show is qan's immaturity in my eyes.

            Qan is like I need to change, where does the change start? it starts right here when I approached him to do something positive, and he attacked me instead of allowed this moment to be the moment of change for everyone, for the better. Like I said, alternate timeline has subspace discord being used, active, having a bunch of features, and being advertised. Could have happened a week ago, as well as this whole shit show avoided. But Qan didn't want that positive relationship. He want's to keep a cycle of shit going as staff usually does, and judge people... the fact that i was called out for acting superior is hypocritical and a joke. Anyone can see who is acting superior here.


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              I'm not arguing i'm not a troll, I'm saying you are bad staffers, and that if you're upset about other people, you're actually the other side of the same coin. You're just looking at my side of the coin, totally oblivious to how you guys in "power" often; cause, perpetuate, and stir shit in the zone. Creating rivalries, deciding you are better than everyone because of your position, as if no one else dedicated their time and energy to this game for twenty years.. and so on.

              The game dying is a direct result of who you are. A troll has no power to effect change that would kill a game or a zone. It's you people with powers in the game who do real harm because you *Create* TROLLs enmasse. You just did harm by denying help. If I was a vengeful hacker the server would be DDOSed constantly. If I was a vengeful troll you'd have an enemy for another 20 years causing problems in the zone. You have an illusion of power, no real power, and you think you're doing everyone a favor by shitting on others, not working with them, not being friends, and not allowing them to help. Harmed the game imo. You have someone here with hours of free time, who could have spent 72 of those hours fixing the discord, every little bit helps. Now you have nothing, just lazy asses, and no dev. What good did you do? tell me. We do good in the world, by being in good in the world, Qan preaches kindness but doesn't practice it. You stab someone, shit on them, they will generally shit on you back. If you show trust and kindness you get that back.


              IF i denied help it's because i literally didn't need it and I would say "thanks falconeer, but i'm going to do all your changes tomorrow", and then I'd get it done. So you don't want me to help, okay. Your next step, if you don't want to look like assholes is to get off your lazy fucking ass, and do all those changes I said I would do that you said you agree with, by the end of the week... and at the same quality and level that I would have done them at. Then You have a leg to stand on, you are a developer who is developing and you didn't need me to chip in with my time.
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                Qan is an example of someone running this zone like it's theres. He does polls and shit to fool you. The truth is these assholes keep a tight control on everything, they are afraid to let people help, they are afraid if I help I will actually pull through with everything I said I would do and not be abusive either, because the last thing they want is actual evidence that I don't use powers to inflict my will on others (unlike them).. which is good for me, but also highly hypocritical of them.

                If he wasn't running this zone like it was his, he would realize he has no right to deny help from a player of the community, help that benefits the community. Who the fuck does that? The equivalent is denying a donation of clothing to a charity foundation from a black man because you are prejudice against him since he's black (in my case since i'm a troll or speak a certain way etc) even fucking criminals can donate clothes. No one would do this... no one would deny help to a charity, because THEY DON'T ACT LIKE THEY OWN THE FUCKING CHARITY, they realize that the charity is something for the community. You have no right to tell someone they can't help. HE says be a better person, but then denies me the very act that would make me a better person not only for myself but for the community. What a fucking joke. Or maybe refusing to let someone work in the soup kitchen, and develop soups for homeless.

                You're a caretaker looking out for the safety of the zone, sure? and yet there are strong arguments why its very safe to let me dev the discord for 1 day. And you never approached this issue from that angle, you approached this issue from the angle of some superior mother fucker who thinks he's a better and gooder person than i am, while accusing me of thinking i'm superior... rofl. when all i said is hey i can do these amazing things, let me help.

                And don't even start on ownership. This shit isn't yours. You weren't here from 1996, you didn't pay for the server, the website, you didn't bring up the zone, you didn't develop every single thing in the zone. Only hoch thought that if someone made a bot the bot now belonged to him. HIM. AND THE SERVER WAS FUCKING ARGYLES, ARGYLE HAD THE ACTUAL FILES. HOCH MADE A COPY, AND HE WAS LIKE ITS MINE NOW, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO YOUR OWN CONTENT. MAN FUCK YOU. THIS PLACE ISN'T YOURS. THE GAME ISN'T YOURS EITHER, NO WONDER PRIITK FUCKING DITCHED YOUR GREEDY UNGRATEFUL FUCKING ASSES. Sure, certain things you developed might be yours, but that does not make a zone, the history behind it, the ideas, the community, yours, only your work is yours.





                AND YOU shouldn't have any rights to dictate who can also help or be a volunteer especially when their work is beneficial, and they don't abuse powers. I don't give a shit if you're stupid baby ass doesn't like me. MAN UP, and accept the help. That's what I would do for every single one of you, were the positions reversed.
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                  You?re a negative pos troll. If this post was done by anyone else, maybe.. but qan.. thank you for rejecting this idiot. Constantly in pub trolling people. Stupid little troll.
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                    dont know falconer or the backstory to this but

                    let the man fix the discord and when he is done cut the power if you have 0 trust in him. since tw discord is barely used he cant really make it much worse, can he?


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                      Originally posted by Unlimited View Post
                      You?re a negative pos troll. If this post was done by anyone else, maybe.. but qan.. thank you for rejecting this idiot. Constantly in pub trolling people. Stupid little troll.
                      You and Mythril, jump on badwagons more. I haven't been in pub for two weeks for starters, maybe longer? All you've guys said is how you favor qan and dislike me. Same thing qan said to me. Maybe argue ideas and not personal preference.

                      Only correct thing you said is that I'm a POS troll. I'm actually very optimistic however about subspace having players and being saved.

                      P.S. I also don't care what people think about me. Otherwise I wouldn't be a piece of shit troll, this isn't a popularity contest, what i care about is ACTUAL RIGHT VS WRONG. Skyforger is the only guy who makes sense here. Let people help, which is what i'm saying. QAN doesn't even have to "work" with me. Just give the access and I'll get it done fast, and then remove the access. The real issue is that qan is the only active developer, theres literally no one else I can go to or work with. At the same time I never said "hey let me treat you like a piece of shit while we work together qan... " i'm pretty sure i said numerous fucking times "lets drop this dumb shit show and be friendly and work together" i'm trying to be nice to him, helping with the game is part of that. Who the hell works with someone and attacks them? that wasn't the plan, the plan is dev the discord man. come the fuck on... this is all a stupid waste of time.

                      And me posting this publicly is because he chose to cut communications, so I have no recourse or way to move forward except to expose that staff are major obstructionists.
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                        The Backstory is literally I called qan an idiot for the poll he had on nazi moderation, which i felt was a waste of time. And tucker abused powers on me and qan did nothing about it except say to email the standard abuse email. All that aside, they just don't like me because I disagree with their methods and i'm not diplomatic about it, but do it in a trollish way... sigh seriously grow up. You say I need growing up but you need it just as equally, and the stuff you guys do out of personal spite actually harms the zone. That's what I'm getting at. My text can be ?ignored.


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                          Qan's true nature revealed
                          This isn't even my final form
                          "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                          -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                              Originally posted by qan View Post
                              This isn't even my final form
                              Troll all you want, but don't harm the zone, then it's not trolling but just being shitty staff and abuse by neglect/personal preference. But also it's clear you take lack of development as a joke.


                              We are moral hypocrites. It pays to be wary of those who are the quickest and loudest in condemning the moral failings of others ? the chances are that moral preachers are as guilty themselves, but take a far lighter view of their own transgressions. In one study, researchers found that people rated the exact same selfish behaviour (giving themselves the quicker and easier of two experimental tasks on offer) as being far less fair when perpetuated by others. Similarly, there is a long-studied phenomenon known as actor-observer asymmetry, which in part describes our tendency to attribute other people?s bad deeds, such as our partner?s infidelities, to their character, while attributing the same deeds performed by ourselves to the situation at hand. These self-serving double standards could even explain the common feeling that incivility is on the increase ? recent research shows that we view the same acts of rudeness far more harshly when they are committed by strangers than by our friends or ourselves.

                              We are all potential trolls. As anyone who has found themselves in a spat on Twitter will attest, social media might be magnifying some of the worst aspects of human nature, in part due to the online disinhibition effect, and the fact that anonymity (easy to achieve online) is known to increase our inclinations for immorality. While research has suggested that people who are prone to everyday sadism (a worryingly high proportion of us) are especially inclined to online trolling, a study published last year revealed how being in a bad mood, and being exposed to trolling by others, double the likelihood of a person engaging in trolling themselves. In fact, initial trolling by a few can cause a snowball of increasing negativity, which is exactly what researchers found when they studied reader discussion on, with the ?proportion of flagged posts and proportion of users with flagged posts ? rising over time?.

                              Notice how I've been against smurfing trolls, and lack of transparency in staff. Both are aspects that increase anonymity.

                              everyone loves to cast/throw stones though,

                              "i don't care who you are, where you're from, whatta you did.. as long as you let people fucking dev." - Backstreet boys.
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