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  • Amnesti

    Amnesti is becoming a problem for the community.

    He always talks about nothing but his penis to anyone willing to listen every time he logs on. He has been a major problem for several females in our community, and we have a small amount of them. Chasing them around sending them perverted messages. And now today he is spamming people in TWD, sending out mass spams over 100's of messages without getting D/C'd while being a part of the other team. Can we do something about this 40 year old child who clearly never outgrew kindergarden?
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    Yeah, something is wrong with that guy.


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      Nipple Nibbler Yo dude can you send me your font bm2's?? I like your color scheme!

      For what it's worth I agree with you on Amnesti. Reading pub chat in twbd last night was 80% Amnesti talking to himself about different kinds of handjobs. I personally don't care but I do think we need to provide a semi-welcoming atmosphere for players.

      Looking forward to the video about this.
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        In regards to the PM spam, the "official" response is to ?ignore. Simple solution. If he switches names to evade your ignore, feel free to let me know. I would LOVE to handle that.

        As for the perversion and general weirdness, that is something that merits a discussion with my colleagues. I wouldn't expect it/him to exist in its current state for too much longer.
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          Lets revisit this

          Public Assassin We need a part 2
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            Originally posted by Nipple Nibbler View Post
            Amnesti is becoming a problem for the community.

            has been a major problem for several females in our community, and we have a small amount of them. Chasing them around sending them perverted messages.
            lmfao @ these dudes white knighting up in here


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              Being really piss poor sportsmanship spamming people on a squad you're playing against, his captain kicked him from the squad. Someone in public chat said he was warned previously about spamming. The spamming by itself is not really a big issue, as you can see in the screenshot I simply ignored him. The issue is the continual harrassment of players in the zone and the general creepyness of the guy always talking about his penis.

              He is disruptive behaviour is bad for the zone (rule #13), especially for any of the female players we do have left. If we ever wanted to help clean up the zone we can certainly start here.

              Off-topic Vehicle yea man I'll send you through discord today.
              If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.


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                sure, but there are several other people who need banning for similar reasons. worst outcome would be banning amnesti while still defending all the other scum.


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                  He's a menace to men too

                  Amnesti> i cringe everytime steadman doesnt respond when i talk about his juicy pink cock
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                    He got banned before for spamming me like that on multiple names when I’d put him on ?ignore. In all serious, based off the stuff he types in game and his videos, the guy is obviously mentally ill. Think it’s probably best to just have people put him on ?ignore and go from there. I’d say silence him, but, idk, there might be players like Tanzu who are interested in what amnesti has to say.
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                      I may be in the minority on this, but at first I thought he was just trolling with his penis obsession, now I think he may need some help. Mental health is no joke.

                      I’d hate to just ban him over this obsession and then see the game lose a player who actually is a solid jav. Hopefully staff can find an alternative option without losing a player that can contribute.


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                        Amn legit has mental health issues.. combine that with the physical illness he has, and this is what you get. Just ?ignore, and if he is spamming then well I guess get a staffer to try and talk with him, warn him, then ban again if he keeps it up.


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                          Sadly Amnesti did this to me a while ago. I usually like him and tiger and think they good javs/players but stop that crap Amnesti. He is using some spam program that won't D/C him. This was my attack during duel while he used a name Racke a few months ago. Be nice Amenesti and stop doing this to people. We would hate to see you banned as you are a long time player with great skillz but you should know better than this.

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                            But the real question... What is so special about his penis?


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                              Nah, sorry, I like Amnesti. He's harmless and hilarious.