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  • What about the voth patrol unit that was made? Call voth patrol asap!
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    • Originally posted by LF View Post

      The ?ignore command is handled by the server itself and cannot be changed in any way by any person left in all of SS. So if you ?ignore LF and I decide to switch names, you have no choice but to ?ignore whatever name I switched to again. However, if staff intervenes and I get silenced for whatever reason, that silence applies to any and all names I would switch to for the entire duration of the punishment. Finally, common sense dictates that staff in TW has absolutely no influence or power in other zones. So if I decide to head into EG to spam you (cross zone spamming) or to evade my silence/ignore, then the ONLY solution to that is a netban the offender, preventing them from logging in to ANY zone on our network. A netban does not have to be a long duration either. I toss that in there because they are most commonly used for the most serious offenses (Like CE). Hope that clarifies your questions.
      Yes that confirms what I was thinking, thank you. I think that the solution I proposed is still viable for players who serial alias in pub such as Tower. While he isn't technically evading ignore because his messages are in public and not private, his aliases evade my .?ignore tower command. An easy solution is to put these players on a list, tell them to commit to one alias, and check on the list/punish if the the namelock is broken. I view netbans as the absolute last resort for most issues and they should be used sparingly. Also, you could probably speak to ops in other zones about cross zone spamming to come to a solution about it. Probably wouldn't be too difficult.
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