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Why does Trench Wars staff degrade by the day?

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  • Why does Trench Wars staff degrade by the day?

    Louis Logic assigned as captain for Freq 2
    Endangered> ?help STOP CAPPING RZA
    Message has been sent to online moderators
    (RoboHelp)>This message has been sent by M_M God:
    (RoboHelp)>Please do not use ?help unless you have a valid question.
    (RoboHelp)>If you have any other questions regarding this issue, please use :M_M God:<Message>.
    Endangered> ?help why do you keep capping RZA, it must been his 20st cap this day and he loses every game with less than 5 minutes. So why do you keep capping him?
    Message has been sent to online moderators
    (RoboHelp)>WARNING: We appreciate your input. However, your excessive abuse of the ?cheater or ?help command will not be tolerated further!

    Yes, I know it's too damn hard to answer helpquestions while you are shining up your tag. But I asked earlier why you kept capping RZA. He caps about 20 games a day and loses about all games with less than 5 minutes.
    So now it's down to warning people at will so you don't have to take the effort to actually talk to people?
    Get the fuck out of staff if you are only there because of your ego.
    And wadi don't dare to talk about proper channels because those channels are just as fucked up as any organ of staff. This is the only one that at least some people will read and bare in mind.

    The last time I filed a complaint I had to drag an answer out of Pure_luck, in ?go base, after 8 days, and all he said was: hm yeah I read your email but lnx was right.
    Yeah thanks for the response then asshole.
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    2 questions:
    1. Zerzera = Endangered???

    (RoboHelp)>If you have any other questions regarding this issue, please use :M_M God:<Message>.

    this probably means that you should pm mm with any further questions, instead of writing ?help again.

    ok that was one questino and one statement, live with it.
    5: Da1andonly> !ban epinephrine
    5: RoboHelp> Are you nuts? You can't ban a staff member!
    5: Da1andonly> =((
    5: Epinephrine> !ban da1andonly
    5: RoboHelp> Staffer "da1andonly" has been banned for abuse.
    5: Epinephrine> oh shit


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      well my earlier call didn't get answered, I am not asking for a botcommand, I am asking for a response.
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        Another thread about tw staff, great, just what this forum needs.

        I can't say for sure because I'm not there but maybe it's because he says cap first?


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          Endangered> ?help can you stop giving RZA aka Louis Logic captain every single game, he cleary isn't a good captain
          Message has been sent to online moderators

          I sent this over an hour earlier, I got no response at all. But RZA capped about 3 games after that, so..
          Well if warning people is prefered over actually answering helpcalls, then yeah nice policy, why not remove the ?help command in total then.
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            Originally posted by Zerzera
            Well if warning people is prefered over actually answering helpcalls, then yeah nice policy, why not remove the ?help command in total then.
            Because people with real and valid questions need asnwering.


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              That is a valid question, it is against policy to cap the same people over and over and over again. So I questioned that. It didn't get answered, I get warned on.
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                the secret is never use a 'keyword' in a ?help call, that way you always get a human to reply in said of stupid roboref, Like if you want fishies hosted, never type 'host fishies' cos some nerd called robohelp replies ^-^


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                  I agree with the whole bad captain thing but you have to understand more than one person starts the bot. I'm not 100 percent sure why you recieved a warning for saying that but if you have any complaints it is best that you send it to the complaints email address. We are in discussion on what to do about base captains and what not. Maybe a blacklist of some sort or something like matchbot responds with the statistics of the captain the person tries to captain beforehand. IE: Zerzera has put himself in a special ship 95% of the time and has lost 90% of the games he has captained. The average time 4:00 to 10:00. Maybe it will make the person choosing the captain to think not about that person. Done for now if you have any questions or comments respond. Ok thanks and have a good day
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                    I will never use the complaint email again :P

                    And on the subject of captains, I think it is better to increase the amount of "basers" with power and monitor those (removing inactive ones and take it from those you think abuse it) than having to rely on the first random ZH to take a helpcall. Because the ZH with the fastest "got it"-macro-finger ends up capping any random person.
                    I don't think ?go base is steady enough to pin down good captains based on recs. And yes I know I can't have botpowers anymore, I made lnx cry.
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                      Then forum staff should close your thread:P


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                        He will, believe me. Sorry, I was still editting my message but had to play base inbetween.
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                          I'm pretty sure Randedl hit the nail on the head as far as pointing out what has caused the problem. There are a lot of indifferent staffers that don't really care about their job, so they pay little or no attention to what they're doing, and one of the results is the same bad captains getting capped over and over in ?go base. I think it's time to see who really WANTS the job, as opposed to who just says "Eh, never really thought about it, but it might be fun. What the hell, sign me up." To me, showing that kind of apathy before even becoming staff would be an automatic red flag. I think weeding out the lazy staffers would be a good first step toward making the zone more enjoyable. And for the love of christ, stop using bots to cover up for these lazy staffers. A blacklist is just something else to make it even easier for them to sit around and do nothing.
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                            Well alot of staff aren't basers that are as hardcore as some of you(i know its hard to believe). This results in some Zh's who just start the bot with random caps or start it with the people who ask first. Also alot of "good" captains don't like to captain anymore.I don't think it has anything to do with laziness of staff to be honest. I think theres been a shift of people who play go base now to more newer people who want to get experience in other ships besides spider. So when they cap they make themselves jav and then refuse to change until it is too late. For instance Tribal Fury makes himself jav all the time. I tell him not to and he just says well i will for a few and if i do bad maybe i'll change. So With newer players, "vets" going afk from go base, and the community that changes rapidly has caused this problem.

                            p.s. I'm glad some people still care about go base. Thanks Zerz.


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                              My opinion is that there are two main reason that the staffing situation sucks.

                              First, there is no primary objective, or mission statement, for Trench Wars. Is the objective to grow and build the most popular zone there is? Or is it simply someone’s little ‘sandbox’ or ‘pet project’. Without this in place, the staff has a hard time figuring out what and how to do things. It also becomes hard to determine if progress is being made at any level.

                              Second, all of the above makes it very hard to maintain any kind of momentum or morale for the staff. Even with a good objective in place, it is hard to keep people excited and motivated in a thankless volunteer job.

                              Here is an analogy that might help people understand why it’s important to have an objective. Imagine working as a volunteer in a local Animal Shelter. You bust your ass working, taking good care of the animals and doing your best to save as many as you can by placing them in good homes. You deal with the heart-break of watching many animals being put down on a daily basis.
                              But even worse and as you drive home everyday, you think about how hard you are working and ask yourself if it is making a difference. You realize that there is no direction to the Animal Shelter, it simply exists and is not coming close to growing or making a real impact in reducing the over population of animals where you live. The Animal Shelter has no mission statement or real objective other than just to be there and help a battle without any kind of real plan for growth or expansion.
                              So what is the point? Who in their right mind would do this or not find a better thing to do with their free time?