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Small bug #2

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  • Small bug #2

    When you finish a match, it does not appear to be updating your rating when you PM the bot with !r until the next match is done. (maybe just a long delay to update?)
    rEnZi> just looking at rageritual tilts me
    rEnZi> its crazy
    rEnZi> thats real power

    Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

    ogron> u need permission from otehr team to borrow a 9* (rage)
    Dwopple> denied
    Dwopple> too gud

  • #2
    It's just using a cached version. So MatchBot updates the database but MMRBot still holds what it loaded when it did matchmaking. Definitely needs to be changed. Marking it down.
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