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  • TWD stats suggestions

    Keeping this brief, here are some stats that would look good for TWD site

    Terr - kills/burst, kills/bullet
    Shark - kills/mine, kills/bomb, kills/shrap

    Also fix the MVP system


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    + A simple kills per minute stat for everything.
    + kills/bullets accuracy stat, for every ship but shark. Game boxes have this for spiders, website does not.

    Are burst kills tracked?
    Bombs are tracked in game boxes, but not mines. Are those kills tracked by bot?

    Ladder system needs an overhaul.

    Come to think of it the website is riddled with bugs and needs an overhaul, the layout is mostly fine though. I have truckloads of suggestions for that if someone ever tackles the TWD website.
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    rylo> 1.5 mil for whoever kills renzi
    (10 seconds later)
    rEnZi is out. 17 kills 10 deaths. 2 players remain.
    P TW-Pub> rylo sent you $1,500,000, you now have $4,047,199.

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      my old thread about this page:


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        There are a lot of stats that could be nice to add, but some of these would be limited to ASSS unless there's some clever workaround, such as ..

        Kill Assists
        Damage Dealt (useful for true accuracy)
        Damage Taken (this would be somewhat useful to know as some players are better at managing their energy)
        Terr Damage Dealt (relatively easy to add, I would imagine)
        Terr Kill Assists (may as well add this if we see terr damage dealt statistic)
        Death on Attach Kills (whenever a shark dies within a second of respawning)
        Forced Repels (more advanced statistic, but whenever your bullet/burst/shrapnel/bomb forced a shark to use a repel to prevent them from dying)
        Spider and Shark Kill Ratio in percentages
        Solo Kills


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          Man damage dealt and terr damage dealt would be awesome
          JAMAL> didn't think there was a worse shark than midoent but the_paul takes it

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            Now that we're able to manage our own server there's renewed talk of running ASSS. JabJabJab and Krynetix are working on bringing bots up to spec to be able to run on ASSS. From there we might be able to do quite a lot with stats that was not previously possible, as Turban mentioned, and it would likely be a bit easier to implement as well.

            EDIT: Also, just tested, you can *watchdamage on two people at once:

            Nipple Nibbler with 616 nrg took 520 damage from MousE L1 Bullet
            Paky Dude with 1500 nrg took 520 damage from i.d. L1 Bullet
            Paky Dude with 1500 nrg took 653 damage from Markmrw L1 Bomb
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