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    Teams have option to cancel and borrow. I don't see a reason why this should change.
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      Lol "Best 2 out of 5."

      Please read that very carefully Mr rage. U are making me cringe hard


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        Originally posted by saiyan View Post
        Lol "Best 2 out of 5."

        Please read that very carefully Mr rage. U are making me cringe hard
        saiyan Let me educate you sir cringe.

        Say team A wins round 1. Team B wins round 2. Round 3 the timer runs out, now we go to round 4. Round 4 tied again it goes to round 5. First team to net 2 rounds win. After 5 rounds if neither team has 2 wins the game is considered void. So you see it is best 2 out of 5. I understand this confusion because round 5's are extremely rare.

        If we do best round of 1, we don't need this policy we could just go to 1 round, if it ends it tie or whatever void the game. Start another one.

        On the points thing:
        An argument could be made for making best of 1 games = the same amount of points because there is more pressure to win.
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          Originally posted by RageRitual View Post

          saiyan Let me educate you sir cringe.
          I'd rather get in a boxing ring with mike tyson to the same effect. Ty tho.


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            How about just making it another option when challenging? You can already pick league, arena, # of players all in the !challenge command from any matchbot. Just add another option. !challengeall 5:twdd3:1 (Challenge all squads to a 5v5 game in twdd3 to a best of 1) or !challengeall 4:3 (Challenge all squads to a 4v4 in current arena to a best of 3).

            Disclaimer: I know nothing of coding and make this suggestion without knowing what it would take to implement it
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              Originally posted by Grasps View Post
              A better poll would be to;

              1. Reduce borrows by small amount. This decreases the time it takes to arrange matches and keeps games slightly more team oriented.
              2. Remove !Addtime (2 minutes) before rounds. This will force players doing lines to speed things up. Could lead to forfeits as some players tend to smoke or use the restroom before matches.
              3. Make each round of wb/jav 10 minutes. So if a match ends 2-0, it should only of took 22-24 mins at MOST. Even if it goes to 3, the most would be just over 30 mins. Think it's pretty close to this already tbh, can't remember the exact time.
              4. Suggestion 2 & 3.
              5. Reduce basing games time to half.

              Edit: Basing allows you to make adjustments better as you have time to get those changes. Warbird/Jav, you aren't afforded that luxury. If you are sitting around, typing, trying to wake someone up or sub an afk ,you can have your round ruined in a very short time. That's why having a 2nd round helps a LOT. Many times, squads are able to get the proper subs/changes made that round. Its why you see so many games shift momentum 2nd rounds. Removing that and having it be only 1 round is terrible. I hate that we do it in leagues tbh, takes a huge factor out of those divisions. It would be like removing the flag in base and only giving it back for playoffs. It's weird and shitty.
              please don't reduce borrows or reduce addtime - we use it and it makes twdd and twjd more active lol.

              some players also go for smokes or take a break in between rounds - mostly when it's late we try to make it faster.

              It is hard however capping a game and having to add everyone, then add another player after game starts or during lagout - kills the vibe lol.

              I think it is fine how it is but maybe make it so you can 6v6 and 7v7? Would be fun (Remember deathmatch that was hella fun) And it will let others be borrowed.

              Also would be cool if we didn't even have to use the borrow command and just could add ppl if they are on !ab - kinda like school yard pics. Would require people to maybe not go afk in TWDD or TWJD arena.


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                1 round matches sounds like a brilliant idea.
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                  I actually proposed this years ago about having TWD one round winner takes all. It really doesn’t matter to me very much or how other people feel towards a big change like that. Would that mean the points won or losses will still equal said predetermined amount?
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                    TWJD and TWDD should both be one round.

                    This would encourage so many more people who have mild to moderate interest as the dueling currently stands, which not only would fuel more games, but I believe would garner budding interest in playing more and more dueling games by those same people.



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                      There are enough people who'd prefer one round that it would be compelling to at least have it as an option.

                      If people aren't concerned with score being weighted, it's a fairly easy job from a dev perspective. You would go in understanding that you are risking the same amount of points as a Bo3, and still elect to play or not play on those terms. I don't think it would deter people too much.
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                        why change it? Why not add both. !challengetopteams 5:1 Players:rounds

                        Could even add a feature at some point to !addround
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