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  • Overachiever of the week (Week 7)

    First is Rough in Warbird (14-9, 14-7 as 8.5*). Somehow the guy has overachieved so hard that Rab has forgotten he went 2-10 in round 3 of twld semi finals just a few months ago and is campaigning to have him increased to a 9.5 in the ratings change thread. Haze got 2 big blowout wins in warbird and now sits 1 game ahead of Power tied for 4th. Haze and Demonic's success is showing that balanced lines with no weak point may be the path to success in dtd but we'll see how these 2 powerhouse teams hold up in playoffs when Rough and Saiyan's experience will really come into play and be invaluable.

    Second is YeH in Jav (19-8, 14-8 as 8.5*). Might be the first week having 2 guys rated this high but what yeh has done this season can't be overlooked. It wasn't long ago that Demonic was 2-8 in Jav. Since their acquisition of yeH, they have gone 4-0 in jav and look like a real contender. yeH has only played 9 games but he has a higher kda and is extremely close in kills per game with turban who is running away atm with the jav kill race title. If yeH can keep this pace up, I can see him contesting the #1 spot once turban's excess games start getting canceled out.

    Last is Kings in Terr (26-3 2 tek, 38-6 1 tek as 7*). Kings comes in as by far the lowest rated player to be nominated this week. The first game was sort of a blowout but the 2nd was very close and Mastirs edged out Patouf to win 15-13:41. Kings practices pretty often throughout the week and has come a long way in a short period of time and is well deserving of the recognition. No other team is using a terr below 8* so having a reliable guy who can fill the roll at the budget price of 7* is likely a big factor in Mastirs' basing success.
    Rough in Warbird (14-9, 14-7 as 8.5*)
    YeH in Jav (19-8, 14-8 as 8.5*)
    Kings in Terr (26-3 2 tek, 38-6 1 tek as 7*)
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    Rough is rated wrong.
    YeH is a laggot.
    Kings is bad.

    I vote for cripple and Solace for both scoring over 150 kills in the same game.


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      true where cripple option at


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        this pool is very bad of selections

        edit: meaning nobody with that GEM performance. yeH is my buddy tho so he earns my vote plus it's consecutive nominations (same case as autopilot so more deserving)


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          Menelvagor 2.6 rpd gets my vote


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            Originally posted by Jamal View Post
            Menelvagor 2.6 rpd gets my vote
            I'll play nice and just say "lol" instead of mentioning a really bad play near the flag...

            Yeh has been known to have some really dominating games, not really sure why hes only 8.5. Regardless hes playing really well, and it was close but I went with kings. Kings doing really well for 7* in a ship that low * basers usually fail miserably at.
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              We can definitely do better with some of these nominations. Not only has Kings already been nominated, but 6 deaths as a 7* terrier is not impressive.

              Some notable mentions from this week's games just by first glance at the stats:

              Dutch Baser (7.5): 144-73, 1 TeK + 113-81, 0 TeK
              Groan (6): 102-60, 2 TeK + 64-43, 1 TeK
              mvp (7.5): 109-49, 0 TeK

              Dutch Baser probably deserved a nomination this week.
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                We also had a few spiders reach 150 kills this week that weren't mentioned.
                If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.


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                  Originally posted by Nipple Nibbler View Post
                  We also had a few spiders reach 150 kills this week that weren't mentioned.
                  What a surprise.
                  I hit 179 and I wasn’t mentioned. I also think 179 is the highest that has ever been touched in a 30 minute game in DTB. I can give a fuck less about this “reward”, I mean have you seen my illustrious career? People wake up every day and wish they sweated the success that I have every Sunday.
                  But we’re putting the same players every week over and over again instead of people who are deserving of the actual “over achiever” award.
                  Lockdown is doing an incredible job making these picks, same with Willby. I’d like to know what are the formulas you two are using to select players because it’s starting to look pretty biased.
                  Cant say anything about beam because he can’t pick people who’s on his team.

                  it’s starting to look ridiculous that the same players are on this every week when there’s other players who are out performing and just because they’re a 9 or above they aren’t getting mentioned.

                  autopilot was on this for three weeks
                  kings is now on this a second or third week whatever it is
                  yeh is on this for the second time too right?

                  there were better performances from other players the last three weeks than to have the same people being mentioned.

                  and before someone says this is for “bad lower tier players” (because this is what I’ve been told this award is for)
                  rough has played this game for twenty years and he’s only a 8.5 in warbird and he’s getting a nomination then?

                  yeh has historically been a good jav with his lag. It’s not like he’s a “new” player.
                  so that argument goes down the drain.

                  what gives?

                  Dutch Baser should’ve been an option. He literally carried his basing team as a 7.5 to a win.
                  if were going off of “low tier” players, how many 7.5s have carried a team and dropped 145 kills as a spider?
                  just doesn’t make sense.
                  solace dropped 150 kills too.
                  im not gonna mention me because I really don’t care about this, but there’s people that are dropping some good numbers and aren’t being considered.
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                    Even if you’re 15*, 179 kills in a single game and a 133-60 overall k:d is pretty over fucking achieving to me. Having 2 spiders on the same team get 150+ kills in a single game, too, but 179 is much more impressive and rare
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                      A 10* have nothing to do as overachiever as it is the max rank, it should be 9.5* the big maximum to participate in this.


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                        I didn't mean to rock the boat by criticizing one of the nominations. From my understanding, this award is meant to highlight the achievements of players who may otherwise be overlooked because they are not highly rated. It's meant to reward average players/lower rated for doing better than expected. Presumably, this is meant to be an inclusive measure, since the average players/lower rated players are less likely to have a chance at winning other awards (like scoring titles).

                        I agree, 175+ kills as a spider at any rating is overachieving and probably should have been acknowledged, regardless of cripple being a 10. However, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not think getting 150 kills is all that rare anymore (didn't 3-4 people reach 150 this week? skatarius, cripple, Solace, etc.). As frustrating as it may be to be technically "overachieving" yet not actually getting nominated for the overachiever award, cripple's highly successful season will be acknowledged when he wins the spider scoring race.

                        Either way, this award has been great so far. beam's doing a great job with the concise writeups and the threads with the voting discussion have provided much-needed midweek entertainment. I have no complaints other than I think Dutch Baser got overlooked this week and should have been nominated over one of the other nominees.
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                          It's 2x 150+ on the same team in the same game that's unusual about it.


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                            Unusual, sure (I don't think I've ever seen two players on the same team reach 150 in the same game), but an unusual occurrence that has nothing to do with this award. The only true overachiever I'm seeing from that game (statistically) is Celly's 2.9 RPD with 1 TeK and 0 TK as a 6.5*.
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                              I'm not going to address my specific choices, or why some people weren't picked. With 10 teams playing each week, we have at an absolute minimum 80 players to choose from, and any given week one can expect over 3 people overachieving.
                              I will go ahead and respond to this, because I'm a fan of transparency:

                              Originally posted by Efhat View Post
                              Lockdown is doing an incredible job making these picks, same with Willby. I’d like to know what are the formulas you two are using to select players because it’s starting to look pretty biased.
                              Cant say anything about beam because he can’t pick people who’s on his team.
                              I can't speak for lockdown or beam, but here is my criteria/decision making process:

                              As I am unable to watch every game, I rely heavily on the scoreboards from the website. For DTD and DTJ, its a little bit easier to gauge performance. First, I generally pick from a team that won both games. While I look at every game, I find the most of the overachieving low *s are on teams that are winning. Next I look for impressive kill counts, preferably in closer games, or with balanced star counts. Picture a DTD line featuring Ease, saiyan, beam, willby and celly- of course the three high-stars are going to have impressive scores, because they will have to account for the extra kills their weaker teammates couldn't. This isn't necessarily overachieving- I expect the three players representing 29 of the 41 stars to get around (over) 70% of team kills. Not saying those three haven't done amazing, just that I expect amazing from them. This is why I think 10*s haven't been nominated. You have high expectations.

                              Besides that, I do take feedback from past threads. Even if only 80 players played, I expect nearly twice that number of opinions here on the forums or in games. When people point out that someone is rated wrong, or provide other reasons that someone shouldn't (or should) be nominated, I try and keep that in mind. On a related note, I do try to move around who is getting nominated. Like being HOT in Hot or Nots, it is an honor to be nominated, and I want to spread that around as much as possible (while not excluding repeat, impressive performances). Even if you don't win, it is nice to see people talking about your performance. And I don't think anyone should win this prize money twice.

                              I try not to nominate anyone on my own squad (DT or TWD) because that would be biased of course. I've been traded around a bit so this was actually easier for me.

                              I also hope to get relatively even nominations across all 3 leagues. This might lead to people being nominated or skipped, but it wouldn't be fair to not nominate javs week after week, even though it is far from my "main" ship.

                              In general, my hope was that many people would win small amounts of money and that everyone has a chance. As a reminder, here is a link to the cash breakdown. People that see continued success week after week don't (in my opinion) necessarily qualify as overachieving because you are expected to perform well. But I don't want anyone to feel like they don't have a chance to win though- for people that routinely drop 150+ kills in spider matches, you are likely currently a top 8 performer, and you qualify for that money. Between the random prizes and the overachiever awards, I want the 7.5* players to feel like they have a chance, because the high-stars are likely going to win all the "high score" awards.

                              Again, I'm all for transparency here. If people have specific questions about the nomination process, or think that someone got overlooked, please share and I will do my best to address your comments. I do want to avoid bashing people, so I'm going to avoid explaining why anyone wouldn't or didn't get nominated. Please check out past weeks if you want to see any of that:

                              For reference, here's the threads from past weeks: