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  • TWDT-J Lineup Review


    Click image for larger version  Name:	javLines-blast.png Views:	2 Size:	18.8 KB ID:	1354857

    Racka has very competently drafted a jav line that could easily support the Racka / Turban threat. Despite not having any javs at skill level in the 8 range. The 7 and 7.5's drafted are still huge veterans that shouldn't be underestimated. I would personally rotate Crazy Canockout/Lifter and wbm/cripple starting but there really is plenty of choice. A very nice drafted bunch... As long as Racka keeps composure and doesn't get angered after any warbird upsets that affect his play come the jav match all games should be very close.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	javLines-morph.png Views:	2 Size:	20.3 KB ID:	1354858

    Saiyans team will require regular good performances from himself and Ro to see them do well. A nice array of seasoned vets that may not be currently fully active enough to shine at previous peak performances. Expect a very underrated dabram and a suprise pokebong entry to cause some mischief. Saiyan will settle for making sure whatever team Creature is drafted on doesn't do better.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	javLines-power.png Views:	2 Size:	18.2 KB ID:	1354859

    Almost expertly drafted range of 7 star jav players that will support the twin combo Zidane and vys. Zidane and Vys play on aggression so will insist that their team mates support them in that style. Hellzno! interchangeable with Aselsan. However, banzi being rated a 7 is a huge oversight by the Rating Council. Followed up with fellow Gorilla mongrel at a mind boggling 7, this team sure have pulled a legal fast one. Zidane will keep his ace in the hole Jessup as a power sub if things go awry.

    Hottub Honeys

    Click image for larger version  Name:	javLines-hottub.png Views:	2 Size:	22.9 KB ID:	1354860

    This team can field such a strong initial line with a really impressive array of 8+ players with a lot of thanks to a huge steal of Ravage at only 6.5 stars! Paradise will as always make plenty of slick plays allowing confident Iron Survivor to suicide warbird all opposition. Creature will be solid looking for key opportunities to attack meanwhile the Christiano Ronaldo of the jav world Stayon going to mean that this team will cruise most matches with confidence.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	javLines-thunder.png Views:	2 Size:	17.7 KB ID:	1354861

    At first glance there was an initial mouthful of regurgitated apple pie from my recent meal but after analysing more closely it turns out to be an interesting team with two main possible routes of attack. Ease also was wise and drafted 10* mathmatician ogron who has statisical analysis and player profiles on every person thats logged in so he will be able to predict the success percentage chance of any given line. I see the main plan of attack being that some of the 6 and 6.5's can stay in long enough for the main trio Ease, morph and kess to do the damage or they could do a 10 Ease, 9 (morph or kess saving one to sub the other) line allowing for a combination of 3 of the 7/7.5 star players to play.
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	javLines-kobe.png
Views:	218
Size:	17.6 KB
ID:	1354867

    Seems to me the first weaker team of the draft compared to the previous 5 teams. No real depth and only one possible lineup currently available. If Best doesn't carry his team to success there will only be one explanation as to why. I think Siaxis and Tripin could well be a strong core that could see them come through but if anyone needs a sub... the team may as well just quit and head over to their base game early. There is only so much Jav hero Cape can do.

    Paddington II

    Click image for larger version

Name:	javLines-paddington.png
Views:	208
Size:	17.9 KB
ID:	1354868

    Oh shit where did these guys come from?! What a lineup. Each one of their players is under rated by at least 2 stars each. Not only should Tiny be a 10 but power duo Kimdour can casually start together followed up with a strong Beam and Skatarius... this team going to break the bot for sure and sirens will be heard from Ogrons Statistics bunker.

    Piwirfil Fingirmin

    Click image for larger version

Name:	javLines-fingermen.png
Views:	209
Size:	20.7 KB
ID:	1354869

    The team that uses the lowest number of stars but thats because Violence is so low at 7 and so unfortunately no advantage to be gained... If viop puts his mind to it he will finger blast all opposition and there will be many tears. They don't have any huge killers but Roiwerk can be such a solid annoyance to any enemy team if left unchecked. Nice to see him finally playing a season.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	javLines-funk.png
Views:	211
Size:	18.7 KB
ID:	1354870

    This team currently feels like its in troubke and I found it the hardest team so far to decide who I would start... Rough and Commodo being the obvious key duo, going from there this forces them to play the few 7's they have with not a lot of options for subbing. They could switch one of the 7's with one of the 6's enabling them to then switch Heavn for Mean Gene or Coupe/Attacks for Lockdown... either way... this would be a tough team to be a part of. I don't relish Commodos job managing this line however one thing is easy is just taking the leash of Rough and letting that monster do his usual damage. The team just need to follow his lead and not get in his way.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	javLines-terrorist.png
Views:	208
Size:	20.8 KB
ID:	1354871

    I am liking this team with all the expected players falling into obvious place. Kado an asleep monster thats capable of leading a team to victory, Maketso and Dreamwin a duo killer threat and monkee at 7?! What a bargain. This team also has plenty of sub potential to fall back on.
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      Thanks for this
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        Nice review, looking forward to this season $
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          It's not loaded the pictures for the second post. Great read though
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            Was the silly limit of 5 images allowed per post... I copy and pasted to the next message and they were displaying for me. Re-uploaded and fixed now though.
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              Great team review. I wonder if just going off past winners, teams with top heavy lines do worse than the teams with balanced lines?


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                It depends, the balanced line needs to take out the opponent's low stars quickly, then outnumber the high stars. If the low stars do a good job of not dying then the top heavy team wins.