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    The TWDT website has been updated for the new season.

    I just need two final things.

    1) Full schedule spreadsheet
    2) Updated history/champions graphic
    Best> Para is the only guy i know who can put a quarter up his nostrils lol

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    Our hero ❤️
    2:Tanzu> Pawner> u gna be normal if i rejoin?
    2:Tanzu> im dying
    2:Best> yo accept/axe him again LOL
    2:Tanzu> LOL gana tell him apply
    2:Pawner> im here morons u can both suck my dick
    2:Tripin> LOOOOOOOOOL
    2:Best> ROFL
    2:Tanzu> LOOOOOL

    TWLD Season 20 Champ (MVP Both Rounds)


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      Thanks my dude.


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        Our savior has returned!!!
        7:Amnesti <TW>> racka is nestled in Candlekeep. hes nestled atop the cliffs that rise from the sword-coast.
        Amnesti> but i guess i havent tried so much yet, im only 19. when im 20+ i will on purpose make myself look as good as i can, and go to places where girls are
        1:Sika> "ezor" is #1


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          Wirah greakt work thanks

          can u export the last few twdt and twl seasons please so they're not lost forever? thanks!

          top 100 basers
          spider/terr records


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            What a legend man
            tmaC> 1:fireballz> im the greatest coordinator of all time
            capE> lucky he didnt say captain
            capE> LOL BURN

            Tapzu> tamzu vleane, we all know tou copied that nick from me

            1:merce> ima go take a shower and try to suk my own dick

            9:Fludd> guys, i want u all to know something..
            9:megaman89> fludd go play monopoly with children and dome

            1:Kentaro> nice gay name elven
            1:Kentaro> suits you well
            1:PUTAO> fuk urself fuk emo, ur mother suck mu penis all day screaming my name


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              BIET has provided the latest history graphic and inserted the schedule for week 1. I need to investigate why the matches aren't appearing and then we are ready.
              Best> Para is the only guy i know who can put a quarter up his nostrils lol


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                Week 1 games say 8pm start, should be 7pm. (UK)
                The offset changes for the final only this season afaik.


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                  Claushouse I pulled scoreboxes from the last 2 TWL and the last 5 DT, and put them into text files. If you reach out next time you're online I can send via discord.
                  If you're going to do a thing you should to it to the best of your ability or don't do it at all.

                  Siaxis> yo it was way harder to kill Rage then beam in that dtd

                  Originally posted by olde;n1353305
                  I can't beleive you left Acc. on Tj's birthday...


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                    Looks correct now. Thanks Wirah.
                    (Someone pin this thread plz)


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                      Website looks clean and consistent. Thank you to all who put in the hard work to keep it updated and looking good


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                        Some additions to the standings page:
                        • Rank change compared to last week
                        • Elimination line on last week of regular season
                        • Top 6 ranking per league
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2021-10-06_153849.png
Views:	81
Size:	122.3 KB
ID:	1355343

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2021-10-06_153919.png
Views:	57
Size:	24.8 KB
ID:	1355344

                        Also added sub notes in the match score boxes.