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    Just to let caps know, I'm borderline on playing this season, I'm busy with summer stuff and golfing on weekends.

    I think our club championship was August 10 last year, so it is probably the same this year but I don't see the dates on the website, I won't show to either semis or finals if it takes place late July as I won't be home.

    Hopefully it's in August. I pulled out of the draft when Dwopple said TWDT playoffs was August, but he said they're in July so I'll stay in.

    My interest in WB/Jav is super low and I would prefer not to play/might be golfing.I will show for base every Sunday except for my golf club championship, but I'm guessing it's in August so might be okay. Just a fair warning that that date is non-negotiable for me.


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      Added Riverside as captain #6!

      We should have all signed-up players rated and made public by this evening. Ogron & zidane are rating players for all leagues, RaCka is rating players for wb/jav, and I am providing ratings for base-only. Captains will roughly have 1.5 days to put their draft plan together.

      With current sign-up numbers we'll have 13-14 players per team + FAs.

      Huge thanks to the other captain volunteers and players who messaged me privately willing to step up and volunteer.

      We will be closing signups Saturday night US time... SO SIGN TF UP IF YOU HAVEN'T!!! (HYPE)
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        M letting other ciptins kniw r TWDT team is


        Ahid of these shmicks

        Gl 2 efery1 u r in 4 a ray of sunshine this summir

        fks lets fkink go.


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          Sign me up - chaos zone will be priortised this season, so my show rate will be low. If chaos season finishes earlier and then my show rate will increase
          Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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            Shuld have let me cpt. Will still enjoy this tho. Ty
            10* Spectator TWDT Season. 18, 19, 20, 21, and 23
            Fake medal holder TWDTB Season 20 and TWDTD Season 21 (only member of POWER with 0 sec played S20, 0 sec played in DTD S21)

            Season 24:

            Best in Star Slot - Warbird & Base(GameScore)
            Best 6* - Snoopie


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              sign me up. may travel one or two weekends in July but haven't settled on anything yet.
              I agree.


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                98. Rage

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                Dwopple> denied
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                    Originally posted by Mythril View Post
                    Zone needs to wake the fuck up man I can’t do a summer without subspace. Sign me up immediately

                    mongolian cash of Syndicate


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                      cud u make it 8 team league, 6 teams is h1rr1nd1s1


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                        I agree with viop

                        We haf enuf playirs to vs

                        8 teams


                        Plz alliw


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                          ill play
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                            6 teams been done in the past during some inactive years and was fine. our overall #s aren't terrible but there's a lot of top players missing / people with iffy show rates which is obvious just by glancing at the comments


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                              Its also led to captains having too many players on the bench and being able (or sometimes, feeling forced) to "hold onto players"

                              Which in turn, increases the already low Summer show rates from players.

                              not sure why top players missing matters in this context.

                              We're currently at 17+ players per team...!

                              Warbird is 5 vs 5
                              Javelin is 5 vs 5
                              Basing is 8 vs 8

                              Re activity: its inactive, and it has been for a couple months. However, there were bds happening till midnight last night, according to discord.

                              I recommend captains draft wisely. Its a bit easier now that we can see (some) general show rates.

                              TWDT HYPE.
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                                there probably is theoretically enough players for 8 teams, but ideally you would have at least 10 more people signed up. 12 man rosters with very low activity levels among our players could be pretty disastrous at least for basing. it would be nearly impossible to find people to borrow.

                                I suppose to combat that you could perhaps start the season with 7vs7 format and after free agency draft, assuming there is one, increase it back to normal.