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Inflated base ratings.

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    I would like a true MMR system but you should not use old data for it. Once implemented people would hopefully try harder to win games instead of the more casual approach most players have at the moment.


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      can we decide on a base map change and get that in twbd asap? maybe put willby's in twbd, turb's in twbd2?

      also could do with S25 forum threads being archived.


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        We should put the ?go twlb narrow cram back in twbd.

        Every player I've seen give an opinion on this wants the old cram back for TWL. If we're going to have an alternate for TWDT, put it in bd2.

        Edit: I made a lil unofficial poll if you'd like to vote. I don't think there's been any consensus on what the community wants. It's the Ops call at the end of the day, though.
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          Old cram back asap please. Thumbs down on all of these new map ideas.

          The new cram just made it far easier for spids to camp when holding because it's much harder for the breaking team to dodge all of the streams. The new cram has failed, nearly every BD I play teams end up letting the other team in because it's too hard to break in remotely lopsided games.


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            I believe both old and new cram variations have their issues, but in the end I don't care what base layout we will end up using. Cram has for me always been the least enjoyable aspect of basing as there is only so much an individual can do to break it. However anyone arguing that new cram is more difficult to break is talking out of their ass.

            I would like to give my variant a shot in TWBD2 as a potential map for DT use. I'll try to get it online at some point this week assuming I catch the right people


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              As someone who BDs far more than you I can tell you right now every other game someone types "should we let them in?" Or "can you let us in?".

              Old cram had a lot more playmaking for sharks and terr because you could dodge shots as you pushed up, nowadays you are at the mercy of your spiders being able to do the vast majority of the work to break cram.

              I'm fairly confident among the top teams last twl that no one could hold a cram in playoffs for more than a minute. Lineups being even, this new cram is NOT easier to break and anyone saying otherwise are talking out of their ass.


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                There has been full game cram holds in TWL history which would definitely not have happened with new cram. I feel once a good shark pair gets in a proper rhythm it can become nearly impossible to break especially with a weaker shark pair. Truth is that cram was much easier to hold back in the day, but I can see why you dislike it as its more spider reliant than shark reliant.

                In the end cram is awful and it would be better to get completely rid of it. Flag room battles should decide the match instead of seeing who has the best shark cram pair.


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                  I don't think we should be using partial star slots, we should do all slots or none and after reading what (i think it was ogron) someone said about making it more balanced so anyone can cap I would vote for star cap over star slots.

                  I disagree with terrs star rating not counting. If you are a 10* in any ship you should be extremely impactful and if a 10* terr can't carry the game (as much as one person can in basing) maybe he or she does not deserve the 10* rating. That may mean we end up with no 10* terrs, and that is fine, the rating should be compared to all players ability to impact the game not just other terrs.

                  Originally posted by ogron View Post

                  turban rating himself 10* and sarger 9.5* while having made 1 final in 10 seasons while sarger went to 7 finals (winning 6) and being on one of the hottest basing streaks of all-time is the absolute height of comedy and peak subspace.

                  thanks for the laugh, i needed that.
                  While I respect the fact that Turban's is a better baser than me and more experienced, from my personal experience I have yet to see turban play like a 10* in any base ship. I find him easy to kill in spider, his sharking is selfish and his terring is reckless. Sarger is a very impactful spider and even has a cram breaking strat named after him. I would rather have a Sarger using 10* on my team than Turban. I do agree with a lot of his suggestions though. Anyways this wasn't intended to be a turban-bashing post, the point of linking it was more to open up discussion about inflated ratings since this really needs to be addressed.

                  Keep in mind my opinions are not TWL based since I rarely ever play it.
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                    I did think some of the basing numbers were a bit off last season.


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                      Originally posted by saiyan View Post
                      How about wait for mmr, grind out tryhard matches in your ship for a couple months, then look at the very highest rated spid, terr, and shark numbers. You now have relative values that are actually backed by data and can implement relative * caps on these ships accordingly. The end.
                      This makes too much sense. Instead, we must fight over nonsense opinions, misguided suggestions, unworkable solutions, and ways to make it easier for specific players to win even more, for no reason other than to stroke their very fragile egos. MMR will clearly be trash, because it might destroy some world views of people that absolutely will not be able to handle it. Change is scary and subspace has big boomer energy in that regard.
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                        Some rating changes comments ekko, joe, and I had. Something to base off official ratings based on what a group of basers think. Don't take these too seriously, just our opinion.
                        Also, the goal was to drop more than promote because some of the base ratings were pretty inflated.

                        OUR PROPOSED CHANGES:

                        Dutch Baser - 8 > 8.5
                        Lorelei - 6.5 > 6
                        silvertongue - 6.5 > 6
                        bugs - 7 > 8
                        Turban - 10 > 9.5
                        Lockdown - 9.5 > 9
                        Draft - 8 > 7.5
                        Willby - 9 > 9.5
                        Pressure - 10 > 9.5
                        Ardour - 7.5 > 7
                        Kov - 7 > 7.5
                        Morph - 9 > 8.5
                        Auto - 9 > 9.5
                        Lee - 7 > 7.5
                        Groan - 7.5 > 8.5
                        Commodo - 10 > 9.5
                        Dreamwin - 10 > 9.5
                        Zizzo - 9 > 8.5
                        Cig Smoke - 8.5 > 8
                        Unlimited - 7.5 > 7
                        Rough - 9.5 > 9
                        Jurassic - 9.5 > 9
                        Vys - 9 > 8.5
                        Jack - 8.5 > 9
                        Frozen Throne - 9 > 9.5
                        Cloth - 7 > 6.5
                        Rekashi - 7 > 6.5
                        Joeses - 9 > 9.5
                        Props - 7 > 6.5
                        Exalt - 7 > 6.5
                        Monkee - 6.5 > 7
                        a2m - 9.5 > 9
                        Paradise - 8 > 7.5
                        Mouse - 10 > 9.5
                        Spectacular - 7.5 > 7
                        Apt - 8.5 > 8
                        Markmrw - 9.5 > 9
                        booker007 - 6 > 6.5
                        Rasaq - 8 > 8.5
                        Eel - 7.5 > 7

                        Want More Feedback

                        Stayon - 10 > 9.5 (?)
                        Jamal - 10 > 9.5 (?)
                        Henry Saari - 8 > 8.5 (?)
                        Zeebu - 8 > 7.5 (?)
                        rozay - 7.5 > 7 (?)
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                          I do think Jamal at 10 is fair. He's a v high level spid and shark and is competent in terr as well


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                            been benched in dtb 7 seasons in a row it's time to drop me back down to a 7*
                            Streak Breaker Grizzly Beam

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                              Ekko> Any 10* could be 9.5, its not that big of a change
                              Also Ekko> we shouldnt lower tj hazuki, he could pop off as an 8*


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                                Ty banks for sharing

                                Ty banks / ekko / Joe 4 the ratings feedback

                                I saw a lot of changes I agree with.

                                I think Stayon is closer to a 10 than 9.5 in spid, but pirhips thats me.