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TWDT Winter 2019 signups open!

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    Just messaged the following peeps who aren't signed up: Best, Cross, Dazz, Diakka, Elven, Last Standing, Liz, Mikes, Pavement, Raazi, Rasaq, Ricko, Ro, Shayde, Sprained, Stayon, the paul, Tiduz, Tiny. Holler me your cell # online if you want to get my skype mail outs every now and then.
    tiger the > i know jebass favorite food, brown sauce with potatoes and deer meat

    Warcraft> I went bald when I was 15. Literally overnight I went from being a cute popular guy in class that all the girls asked out to being a complete creep whose appearance makes women scream for help. My attitude never changed, just my hairline.
    Warcraft> But yeah my personality is definitely the problem.


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      So is the draft happening this Sunday? (13th)


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        Yes. I don't know why there isn't an announcement.
        4:Spezza> I have bad news
        4:Ogron> NO
        4:Ogron> You can't show for TWDT?
        4:Spezza> I took a Harry Potter test and it said I was Ravenclaw :<
        4:Ogron> I appreciate your honesty
        1:Ogron> Spezza on the trade block
        1:Spezza> LOL


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          Unfortunately, it's still a tentative draft date. Some problems finding the last captain and our last resort cap now isn't able to show, so we're not certain if we'll have to postpone or not. Will make a thread here in a second.
          PattheBat> steadman your name is literally "a mean std"


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            If I'm not too late, sign me up. Return of engiside & jones.
            9:zidane> i dont play or twd ever..

            1:Engineers> am top spider on squad call me avatar eng
            1:Cres> ye we only had to axe 10 ppl for it



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              Sign me up, if you guys were serious about league you'd go around asking everyone to be apart of it. I'm an easy choice to ask, active 24/7.