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  • Next event?

    Now that playoffs are starting up and teams will continue to get knocked out of TWL and DT, do we have another event lined up (obviously after a break) for players to sign up for? The sooner we get this info out the better before everyone goes inactive again.

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    Dueling MMR/ Elim

    Elim is synergetic with MMR for obvious reasons.

    Alter Elim map to shrink when fewer players remain so games end quicker, or some other way to achieve the same result.

    Give the total MMR/ Elim points winner a god dam crown medal. GL


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      We're currently looking for a volunteer who would be interested in organizing the next event. I've asked in the TW Staff Slack group, but this is also open to others in the community. To be clear, we're looking for well thought out ideas to be carried out. I know [USER="16435"]Riverside[/USER] has the MMR league idea thread posted, which may be worth a shot. [USER="14139"]beam[/USER] and [USER="4192"]Mythril[/USER] have started to take the reigns on working with [USER="2910"]qan[/USER] on MMR, though qan's free time is still a constraint. Feel free to continue discussing here on thoughts or ideas.
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        I vote we play shitloads of twbd


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          hype brewing


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            Similar to the recent joint TWL & TWDT,[LIST=1][*]MMR League (warbird and jav)[*]Basing Cup[/LIST]If there are individuals interested in participating as Lead Operators & Hosts for Basing Cup, the MMR League & Basing Cup combination would be my preference for the next 2 months.

            These leagues could be opportunities to reach out to players from EG, DSB, SVS, HZ and TW (including Pub aka where Sprackle resides).


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                I'll settle for the crown medal, but if the final WB/JAV Elim had 1k set aside for the winners and however many random $250 prizes are possible for the roadkill, that would be cool.


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                  Auto signup basing cup to save volunteers some effort in hastling people to sign up
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                    Weekend Tourneys. Double loss elimination tourney. Sometime next year.

                    wb one weekend jav the next and basing the next.
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                      lol this isn't a discussion do what I say


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                        If there's no base MMR bot I guess just run basing cup like river said. Even though I don't wanna get stuck with the same shitters for an entire season.


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                          I can maybe get MMR up and running for basing by the end of the year — at least with cap-arranged teams and based on roles players queue for. I'll have some time in December. Wouldn't bank on that for any league plans, though. It's complicated for many reasons, and bound to have some bugs coming out of the gate.
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                            GL :mad:


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                              I was thinking a TWEL type thing but host in ?go tourny on set times. Do 1 vs 1 random and 2 vs 2 with partners of choice using same freq settings. This will be easier to manage at set times because so many games can go at once and it will eliminate the slow boredom of the old TWEL format that was done on off hours at players leisure. This type of tournament in ?go tourny will be good for big amounts of people at once. Get ?go tourny2 arena ready if all boxes get full. 7 losses in each ship division as the tourney progresses in both game types eliminates players and also eliminates partners in 2 vs 2. Last player and partner standing win the tourney.

                              It is an easy thing to do since everything is set in place with tourney and all that will need to be done is tally results and keep track of the losses that eliminate participants.
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