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  • HOT OR NOT -- WEEK 2


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    Haze vs. Paddington

    Iron Survivor (15-6) and Rough (14-5) curbstomped Paddington like a scene outta American X, with Lockdown, Zapata, and Felix providing able support.

    It was an ugly 20 point blowout, as Lasenza, Eric Clapton, Exalt, Kentaro, and Tiny all negged horribly.

    Paddington's only saving grace was a spectacular sub-in from, erm, Spectacular, who managed a svelte 8-5.

    HOT: Iron Survivor (15-6)
    HOT: Rough (14-5)

    NOT: Exalt (5-10). Exalt's career highlight was as Quicksand's gatorade boy, and after back-to-back weeks of 5-10s, the only HOTs he's getting are hot towels for Lasenza. Between keeping his team hydrated, providing moist towelettes, and crying on forums, he's practically got a PhD in Hydrology.

    Fish vs. Mist

    Vys (17-6) and some alias-dodging cheater who I won't name a single time in Hot or Nots going forward (nice work on the alias checks, Henry and co., stellar incompetence as always) led Fish to the W, alongside Morph, Zizzo, maketso, and Aprix.

    For Mist, Tripin (14-10) showed out with a strong peformance, but Flew, BIET, Pineapple Express, and Violence let him down.

    HOT: Vys (17-6)
    HOT: Tripin (14-10)

    NOT: Staff incompetence, unresponsiveness to requests, desperately clinging to power and gatekeeping alias checks. You're fucking terrible as usual.

    Lag & Luck vs. Win or Die

    Ardour led Lag & Luck with a stellar 14-9, with a clutch 8-1 sub-in from Trasher helping seal the victory.

    Doughnut, JAMAL, Olde, and Paky Dude straddled parity almost as well as Exalt straddle's his stepmom's dildo when she's out of the house.

    For Win or Die, Wirah (12-10), like Jebass shopping for clothes, was the only one to go plus, as Racka, Major Crisis, Jurassic, and Jessup negged.

    HOT: Ardour (14-9)
    HOT: Trasher (8-1)

    NOT: Major Crisis (4-10). Haven't been this disappointed since MC refused to name which Trench Wars players he slept with in his autobiography:

    Gryffindor vs. Pirates

    Ogron (15-7) swooped down like the Dark Knight in this one, taking out Pirates with aplomb, as Rasaq (12-4) played Robin to his Batman, launching
    his own simultaneous assault with lethal precision.

    Spezza (10-8) make his TWDT-D debut to stirring success, with Dak and Commodo helping clinch the match.

    Pirates couldn't get much going, with only Henry Salami managing a 10-10, as Mythril, Skyforger, J-B-Inc, and Beam struggled.

    HOT: Ogron (15-7)
    HOT: Rasaq (12-4)

    NOT: Beam (5-10). After his fifth consecutive season causing drama and 900 forum posts, Beam successfully pushed his way out of Mist and onto Pirates' team, ready to team up with Mythril... and go 5-10. You know you fucked up when Skyforger goes 2-7 and doesn't even make the cut.

    This guy headlined a trade that was universally panned as a gift to Pirates, and he helped them go 0-6 this week.

    In Beam, the only thing Pirates got was a bigger bust than Lisa Ann.

    Paddington vs. Win or Die

    Saddington finally notched a victory in WB this week, as Kentaro (15-6) and Lasenza (15-7) became the Smash Bros. and knocked Win or Die off the map, in a hard-fought win that included Tiny (11-9), Eric Clapton and Spectacular.

    bitsaver (11-10) had a nice game, but Racka, Skatarius, Wirah, and Jurassic were stuck in park.

    HOT: Kentaro (15-6)
    HOT: Lasenza (15-7)

    NOT: Spectacular (3-10). Spectacular took the 3:10 to Yuma packing a water pistol, and ended up with more holes than O.J. Simpson's alibi.

    Fish vs. Pirates

    Vys (11-2), Morph (12-7), a cheater, Zizzo, and Aprix went postal on Pirates, which is an impressive thing to manage in an era featuring only muskets.

    Nobody on Pirates went positive, and they were all so inconsequential they were buried in a mass grave and their names lost to history.

    HOT: Vys (11-2)
    HOT: Morph (12-7)

    NOT: Mythril (4-10). We only know of this score because of a piece of parchment found in a rum bottle discovered by archaeologists. It reads:

    Mythril is out. 4 kills, 10 deaths.
    3:Mythril> yo
    3:Mythril> somebody trade for me

    Researchers are still trying to determine the meaning.

    Gryffindor vs. Haze

    Rasaq (13-7), Ogron (9-5), Dak (10-8), Spezza (9-6), and Commodo (9-10) led a balanced attack across the board in this one, as Gryffindor moved to 4-0 in TWDT-D.

    Iron Survivor, Rough, Lockdown, Zapata, and Felix fell to 3-1.

    Haze played well despite the loss, with no egregious single scores, and remain a serious threat in WB.

    HOT: Rasaq (13-7)

    Lag & Luck vs. Mist

    Meanwhile, Lag & Luck moved up to 3-1 in warbird alongside Haze, with a 19-point victory over Mist.

    Ardour (17-7) continued his hot streak in WB, leading JAMAL (12-4), Trasher (9-5), Doughnut, and Paky Dude to the W.

    For Mist, Flew (10-10) did his best to rally the troops, but Glyde's 0-10 sunk them, along with uninspiring performances from Tripin, Turban, and Tok.

    HOT: Ardour (17-7)
    HOT: JAMAL (12-4)

    NOT: GLYDE (0-10). GLYDE achieves the first doughnut of the year, and we all finally learned the answer to "what would Hellen Keller look like if she played warbird."
    2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
    2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
    2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
    2:mcvicar> LOL
    2:zidane> ded

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    Mist vs. Win or Die

    Mist notched their first win of the season behind a Herculean effort from Turban (15-8), leading Mikkiz (12-9), Draft, Flew, Tripin, and Violence in their conquest.

    Racka (12-10) and another alias dodger were the only resistance, with Jurassic, Dreamwin, and bitsaver stinking up the joint.

    HOT: Turban (15-8)
    NOT: Dreamwin (5-10). Dumbwin couldn't outplay the likes of Biet, Draft, and Violence, and is starting to look like he's at the Fat Elvis stage of his jav career, as Win or Die finds itself 0-4 in jav. The only time he's going plus is at the Big and Tall store.

    Lag & Luck vs. Pirates

    Trasher (14-6), JAMAL (13-6), Mean Gene (11-6), Ardour (10-4) put in splendid performances, carrying around afghan (2-7) on their backs like Yoda, as they decimated Pirates.

    Cape, Beast, Ra, Singer, and Skyforger, like Olivia Munn at her Daily Show audition, never left their backs.

    HOT: Trasher (14-6)
    HOT: JAMAL (13-6)

    NOT: Singer (3-10). Singer bombed worse than the Super Mario Bros movie.

    Paddington vs. Fish

    Paddington somehow weather missing Zidane to improve to 4-0 in TWDT-J, as Lasenza (13-6) led Destruct (11-5), Eric Clapton (8-6), Tiny, and Spectacular to the W.

    maketso (10-10) found little support as Vys, Raples, Morph and Melanoma failed to achieve parity.

    HOT: Lasenza (13-6)
    HOT: Destruct (11-5)

    NOT: Melanoma (3-10). Not quite the squad cancer Beam is, but melanoma is nevertheless dangerous to your team's health.

    Gryffindor vs. Haze

    Spezza (11-6), Commodo (12-8), Rab (10-3), Ogron (11-10) and Kira managed another balanced performance, taking down Haze in convincing fashion.

    Rough (12-10) couldn't muster his squad to victory, as Cuckold, Felix, Lockdown, and Thrill fell in thirteen minutes.

    HOT: Spezza (11-6)
    HOT: Rab (10-3)

    NOT: Felix_da_Kat (1-10). Cats may have 9 lives, but unfortunately the disclaimer doesn't cover kills.

    Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, but the only thing Felix's teammates are praying for is for him to forget to pay his internet bill.

    Paddington vs. Win or Die

    Lasenza (12-9), Tiny (11-9), Spectacular (8-7), Eric Clapton (9-8), and Destruct (8-8) teamed well and overcame the odds, down WoD by 9 to remain undefeated.

    Jurassic (10-10) hit 1:1, but nobody else did, as Skatarius, Racka, Major Crisis, and bitsaver lost a close one.

    HOT: Lasenza (12-9)

    Lag & Luck vs. Haze

    Trasher's (9-7) squad continued to dominate jav, with Ardour (15-8), JAMAL (13-7), and Mean Gene (10-5) spitting fire out there.

    Haze succeeded in a team-building exercise of all negging together in unison. Nice work!

    HOT: Ardour (15-8)
    HOT: JAMAL (13-7)

    NOT: Lockdown (2-6). I can only surmise Lock is a Dominatrix IRL, giving how he's always getting subs.

    Gryffindor vs. Mist

    This looked like a close win with Gryffindor up nearly 15, but Turban put a scare in Ogron's squad late 1v4 for several minutes, bobbing and weaving and managing multiple kills, before he was finally overwhelmed.

    It was a sloppy finish against a sloppy Finnish.

    Commodo (17-8) carried hard with a gargantuan outing, leading Kira, Spezza, Ogron, and Rab in the win.

    Tripin (11-10) and Mikkiz (10-10) were recalcitrant, while Turban (7-10) put in some late-game heroics despite the sub-par game overall, whilst Violence, Yoast, Draft, and Flew were non-factors.

    HOT: Commodo (17-8)
    NOT: Violence (0-4). The nice thing about Violence is you never need to ask if he's ready before a game, because his impact is the same whether he's there or AFK in spawn.

    Fish vs. Pirates

    Zizzo (13-9) led his squadron to a resounding bounceback in Week 2 after a rough 2-4 start last Sunday, MVPing this game ahead of maketso (11-6), aprix (11-9), Vys, and Melanoma.

    Mythril (11-10), Skyforger (10-10), Cape, Mosi, Ra, and Singer made it competitive, but ultimately couldn't get it done late.

    HOT: Zizzo (13-9)
    HOT: maketso (11-6)

    NOT: Cape (1-5). This is not the first time Cape's been forcibly removed after missing the mark.

    Last edited by Claushouse; 07-21-2019, 11:36 PM.
    2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
    2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
    2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
    2:mcvicar> LOL
    2:zidane> ded


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      Mist vs. Paddington

      Almost all the matches in TWDT-B were extremely competitive this week, with 6 of the 8 matches featuring losing teams putting up 10+ minutes.

      This one was no exception, with Mist slipping past Padding by 4 minutes, as Mikkiz (33-2) put in another legendary performance, ahead of Turban and Violence in shark.

      Mist's spider's weren't exactly inspiring with most barely going positive, but ultimately they got the job done which is what matters, as Tripin, BIET, Flew, Glyde, and Public Assassin pushed hard and forced a plethora of teks.

      Paddington featured Thix (42-9) ahead of Oder and Zidane in shark, with Shayde (104-46) leading all spiders despite the loss, alongside Lasenza, Undercut, Tiny, and TJ Hazuki.

      HOT: Turban (2.9 RPD, 4 teks)
      HOT: Mikkiz (33-2)
      HOT: Shayde (104-46)

      Fish vs. Lag & Luck

      Game of the Week!!!

      This was an absolute thriller, with Fish down 14:54-10:30 late, making a crucial break, holding a cram, losing said cram, then fighting on top of the flag for multiple minutes as eighty people in spec watched every moment with baited breath, as Zizzo (50-5) weaved and bobbed with precision and Morph and alias cheater in shark repeatedly attached 0.2 seconds before a bullet that would DOA them and end the game and repped, keeping Fish's hopes alive, before finally gaining the upper hand and managing a Tek to end the game.

      What a finish!

      The winning side's spidered featured Bram (108-73), maketso (104-58), Aprix, Vys, and Melanoma.

      Lag & Luck looked on their way to a comfortable victory up several minutes late, but were routed in stunning fashion as Trasher (30-2) put in a great performance despite the loss, dying only two times in a 30 minute game, ahead of Mr. Homo and Mean gene in shark.

      Cripple put up possibly the most kills in TWDT-B history with a ridiculous 171-64 game, after a 164 kill game last week (and losing both). The defending TWDT-B champ is a killing machine. He spidered with JAMAL (138-64) who was no slouch himself, Olde, Zeebu, and Afghan.

      Fantastic game. Too bad none of these are being recorded.

      HOT: Zizzo (50-5)
      HOT: Trasher (30-2)
      HOT: Cripple (171-64)
      HOT: Morph (2.9 RPD)

      Not really comfortable giving anyone a NOT, this was such a hard-fought and close game.

      Win or Die vs. Haze

      Another competitive match, Win or Die sped past Haze with bitsaver (39-4) playing safely behind arguably the strongest spider line in the league (low-star terrs continue to be broken in TWDT-B -- bitsaver is looking like the next Heaven), with Nipple Nibbler and Joeses in shark.

      Skatarius (111-39), Jurassic (97-59), Dreamwin, Major Crisis, and Rozay outkilled Haze in the victory.

      For Haze, SpookedOne (34-7) terred ahead of Hulk and Poni/Willby, with WBM (100-60), Lockdown, RUCCI, Rough, and Felix.

      HOT: Skatarius (111-39)
      HOT: bitsaver (39-4)

      NOT: Willby. Heard Willby was reppin' faster than the Oxyclean guy in a 15-second ad. The power of oxygen... is something Hulk wishes his partner no longer had.

      Gryffindor vs. Pirates

      The only blowout this week, Gryffindor wiped Pirates off the face of the earth, as Ogron (21-0) aced ahead of Commodo and Markmrw in shark.

      Davy, Rab, Banks, Rasaq and Holy Ship looked great out there, mowing the competition down.

      Pirates featured Cape in terr, Mythril and Beam in shark, and FalconPunch, Henry Saari, Beast, Lupin, and Ra in spider.

      HOT: Davy (53-18)
      HOT: Rasaq (49-19)

      NOT: beam (2.4 RPD). Beam 2-repped his way to a sub-out, and Flew/Turban/Ease must certainly be feeling some early vindication about their trade decisions. Like Mickey Rourke, some of those forum posts did not age well.

      Lag & Luck vs. Paddington

      Cripple (138-51) finally notched a win ahead of Mean Gene (106-46), Afghan, Olde, and Snoopie.

      Trasher (44-3) was once again mesmerizing in terrier, with JAMAL (3.1 RPD) and Mr. Homo paying dividends in shark.

      Paddington remained winless in TWDT-B, with Undercut (101-58) and TJ Hazuki's (101-74) three-digit efforts not enough in spider, playing next to Lasenza, Dtiss, and Oder, with Thix (46-7) in terr and Zidane and Shayde in shark.

      HOT: Cripple (138-51)
      HOT: Trasher (44-3)

      NOT: Dtiss (64-56). Like Zidane in a yoga class, Dtiss looked out of his element.

      Haze vs. Mist

      SpookedOne (24-5) terred ahead of Hulk (3.0 RPD) and Willby, as Haze notched the win over Mist.

      The winning side saw RUCCI (100-34), WBM, Lockdown, BigE, Rough, and Poni in ship 3.

      Mist featured Mikkiz (38-6) in terr, protected by Turban and Viop, with BIET, draft, Flew, Glyde, Public Assassin, and Tripin in the fighter ships.

      HOT: Hulk (3.0 RPD)
      HOT: RUCCI (100-34)

      NOT: BigE (21-27). Trench Wars biggest beef, BigE vs. 2pacZ, ended when their careers were tragically cut short by lagouts.

      Win or Die vs. Gryffindor

      This was an extremely close game throughout with multiple lead-changes. I knew it was going to be a barnburner, so I told my squad before the match, "remember, don't get down if we lose, we still went 5-1!" Then of course I all-caps raged right after the loss. Classic!

      Win or Die improved to 4-0 while Gryffindor fell to 3-1, as the former narrowly edged the #1 team in the league out at the end, with Skatarius (116-50), JURASSIC (113-67), Dreamwin, Major Crisis, and Rozay spidering in the win, with a strong outing from bitsaver (50-5) in terr, and good play from Joeses and Nipple in shark.

      Gryffindor featured a great performance from Spezza (120-54, but it wasn't enough, as Rab, Banks, Rasaq and Terminator 17.5 played well but came up just short, while Ogron (46-9) had an uneven performance in terr, ahead of Commodo and Markmrw in shark.

      HOT: Skatarius (116-50)
      HOT: bitsaver (50-5)
      HOT: Spezza (120-54)

      NOT: Ogron (46-9). I had a flew sloppy plays, and tried to force the issue a bit too much with some overly aggressive plays when the clock didn't warrant it. Wanted to direct the action like Tim Burton, and instead directed myself to the spawn area like Tim.

      Fish vs. Pirates

      Fish continued to pump out exciting TWDT-B matches this week, narrowly edging out Pirates.

      Bram (100-73) once again led his team, flashing his Disoblige chops in spider ahead of Aprix, Vys, Maketso, and Melanoma, while Zizzo (44-5) once again continued his impressive transformation into terrier with a strong performance, while Morph and [redacted] sharked.

      For Pirates, Henry Saari (105-45), Ra, Singer, Lupin, and Beast spidered in the loss. Cape and Mythril sharked, which was an interesting twist, and certainly showcased Cape's versatility across multiple basing ships, having won TWLBs in both spider and terr already, while FalconPunch (14-13) attempted something approximating what one might call "terring".

      HOT: Bram (100-73)
      HOT: Zizzo (44-5)

      NOT: FalconPunch (14-13). It's extremely hard finding NOTs in base, particularly since I can't watch the other 3 games going on at the same time, so I want to thank Bellflowers for putting in such an unbelievably horrendous performance in terr and making my job easier.

      Is Tiny your spirit animal? Did you go to Tim's School of 3.4 KDA on Multiple Championship Teams? Do you subscribe to the lifestyle magazine by Gwyneth Palterr, POOP? Did you watch the HBO miniseries Chernobyl and think, "I should do that in terr?"

      I sequenced your genome and it came back 98% Lemming.

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      2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
      2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
      2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
      2:mcvicar> LOL
      2:zidane> ded


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        2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
        2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
        2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
        2:mcvicar> LOL
        2:zidane> ded


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          Players of the Week

          WB of the Week: Ardour (17-7, 14-9)
          Honorable Mention: Rasaq (12-4, 13-7), Kentaro (15-6), Iron Survivor (15-6), Lasenza (15-7)

          Jav of the Week: Commodo (17-8, 12-8)
          Honorable Mention: Ardour (15-8, 10-5), Turban (15-8), Lasenza (13-6, 12-9)

          Terrier of the Week: Zizzo (50-5, 44-5) & bitsaver (50-5, 39-4)
          Honorable Mention: Mikkiz (33-2)
          Shark of the Week: Morph (2.9 RPD)
          Honorable Mention: Joeses/Nipple
          Spider of the Week: Skatarius (116-50, 111-39)
          Honorable Mention: Cripple (171-64, 138-51), Spezza (120-54), Bram (108-73, 100-73)

          Player of the Week: Trasher

          An incredible three teams posted 5-1 records this week, including Fish, Gryffindor, and Lack & Luck. The latter's captain, Trasher, had arguably the strongest week, going 8-1 and 9-5 in TWDT-D, 14-6 and 9-7 in TWDT-J, and 30-2 and 44-3 in TWDT-B in terr, making him my Week 2 Player of the Week!

          Runner-Ups: Vys, Ogron, JAMAL

          Vys went 17-6, 11-2, 8-9, 9-10, 111-63, and 91-51 to completely turn turn Fish's fortunes around after a poor 2-4 start last week, and catapulting them up the leaderboard with a 5-1 record this week.

          Ogron put up 15-7, 9-5, 11-10, 8-9, 21-0, and 46-9 as Gryffindor remained atop the standings with back-to-back 5-1 weeks to push their record to 10-2.

          JAMAL sizzled the competition with 12-4, 6-8, 13-6, 13-7, 138-64, and 3.1 RPD scores across four ships, as he helped Trasher clinch the #2 spot for Lag & Luck.
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          2:zidane> steadman gotta try to be nice to ppl man
          2:zidane> u gotta learn to not be a total douche bag 100% of the time
          2:Ogron> stead prob still has an unevolved kadabra on his gameboy color bc he has no friends
          2:mcvicar> LOL
          2:zidane> ded


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            evidence of aliaser? btw the unnamed person is, according to my knowledge, a staffir as well. staff should take a deeper look into it if the "Assistant Runner" of DT has already submitted this kind of statement.


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              Originally posted by Claushouse View Post
              [CENTER]HOT OR NOT

              and some alias-dodging cheater who I won't name a single time in Hot or Nots going forward (nice work on the alias checks, Henry and co., stellar incompetence as always)
              I'm quite out of the loop, so I don't know who's good these days, but it took me 5 min of forum-detective work to find this:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	twdtratings2019.fw.png
Views:	5
Size:	147.4 KB
ID:	1326926
              I don't know if that explains things, because I'm also unfamiliar with who Eria is.. You can probably judge better than me if Sprackle being Eria makes sense. I hope it does, an alias trying to ruin things is just fucking childish.

              Obviously every team is looking for those 6/7* gems and trying to dodge those 7/8/9* washed up vets who'll give u 5-10 scores. So Fish should obviously be happy if they now found one in Sprackle/Eria, especially with how we were rated to begin with after the draft. And the others should be angry. Still so far it's just a 1 week great performances in back2back games though vs maybe (?) so-so wb-lines.

              Still I agree for a draft league alias checking is of the highest priority. I can't imagine (with so few elite players left) that an 9/10* wb would alias these days to fuck over a league which is based on trying to get 8 somewhat balanced teams out there. How old are we? It's not like you risk playing time when you're one of the few good players left, it's only the overrated washed-up-players and the never-became-anythings that have to ride the bench in twdt.

              Anyway the star system you guys worked out over the years is pretty impressive (especially compared to how this league once began); though every season there obviously will always be those once popular, now washed-up and overrated players (who captains regret picking) who end up on the bench, and those unknown guys who never got the chance to play alongside elite players and with the right activity and sudden chemistry perform beyond expectations. Low stars playing beyond expecations because of the chance they get is also one of the principals of this league, so I very much hope that this is an example of that (and not an alias), because to me that's also part of the beauty of twdt (just like a 10* Mythril dropping 20+ kills to carry a weak line to victory). All players get a chance to step up and become better than before or show their dominance. It's just a rare thing when it happens, as the ratings have become very spot on and almost every 6* is a 6* because he'll struggle to go 5-10.


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                Always thought sprackle was flibb, but eria makes more sense with the wb skills yea... I am pretty sure sea bass is bugger/babe ruth/daeva guy. He ends up having a new name every twdt and also squads with the same...


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                  sea bass isnt daeva nor babe ive seen him jav elim hes garbaje


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                    Yeah Sprackle being Eria was my knowledge during the draft. Supposedly the best valued low star wb. I was a bit confused too though because I don't know him and picked Erias as well.. If he's someone else then I have absolutely no idea who he is and it should be dealt with.
                    lemar> im seriously gonna get someone to hack your name and disolve that shit sqd of yours


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                      if it checks out, i request Claushouse to write HoN in an unbiased manner towards all teams. If unable to do this, I suggest someone else to do the writeups.


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                        We're all old at this point and can't care that much; anyone willing to show their face and do a solid analysis/HoN video? How good would that be.

                        I may have a pretty embarrassing video called "Coding Drunk with qan" where someone codes part of TW's systems under the influence of a great deal of alcohol, and might post it in reciprocity if someone is willing to bring some spicy HoN video content.
                        "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
                        -Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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                          I wouldn't consider anyone as a cheater for doing better than their star value. They are only boosting their star rating and getting themselves out there to show what they can do.
                          I agree with what Bram said. Next season the 10 and 9* players who don't prove their worth should get down graded and the lower star players can get their rating up.

                          Anyone well played sprackle, you had a good week, keep it up.
                          Best warbird to ever enter trenchwars


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                            Nice write up, looking forward to base.

                            Re: Sprackle, I don't think I've seen him(/Eria) ever be a really important jav? He's doing well because Zizzo has constructed a smart team of good value 8* and 9* javs who can back him up. Like many teams who have avoided 10*s (Mythril in basing last TWDT, Trasher in TWDTJ this season), this is proving very potent. The difference between the 8*s, 9*s and 10*s is becoming smaller and smaller, because most people in this category have played longer than 10 years... But the jumps in the lower stars can be pronounced, so avoiding 10*s (unless they are uniquely talented/in form) - and only playing one 7* or one 6* - is a great strategy.
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                              Honestly, I ran out of lagouts every single round and was having horrible FPS until game 4 of the season. I tried using different routers, VPN, everything I could think of.... until Exalt told me to try mobile hotspot and I was finally able to play properly.

                              Talking to zidane and others it seems I wasn't the only one being affected by the lag? Whats going on with the servers??
                              1:Foreign> i screenshot every time i get mvp in javs
                              1:pascone> folder is empty :/
                              1:Tiny> LOL
                              1:Mega Newbie> uhauhauhauhauhauha

                              1:Ricko> i havent played so well and gone 4-7 before