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  • Another Staff Resignation

    Since starting staff over a year ago, I've worked very hard to try and adjust situations of upper staff deliqence. As many staff knew i constantly went out of my way to help new staff. For the sole reason that there was no help for them. The condition in which staff currently resides is quit sad. The old days a staff driven goal to make a better zone is gone. For months with the loss of Pusher we went understaffed. And many time in there a majority of the work fell on certain people shoulders. I did as much work as i could spending a little over 50 hours a week sitting in spec taking calls and helping where i could. For many of you how knew me before i became staff you truely understood the change i under went in order to accomade TW staff. I meet staff with such enthusiasm and vigor everyday i was on it. Until eventually it wore and tore on me. So with Much regret i complete Resign my posts of:

    -Trench Wars Moderator
    -Trench Wars Strikeball Head op
    -Trench Wars League Op
    -Trench Wars Head Training Coordinator

    Just to Touch on a couple subject in which i would love to see changed. Many of you knew me to be the Twd Police becuase i specced many people for laging above limits. I jsut like to address that as a whole. Not once did i ever unfairly spec a person for lag. Each Condition was check, double check and then check again by another staff member. I can honestly say im one of the few mods who NEVER abused there powers. And there are quit a few out there who still do.

    As for Trench Wars Strikeball league i just like to say a couple things to all the people who participated with it and helped. I would like to thanks Dotsy, Qan and 404 not found. As well as all the captains who truely tried to make my life easier with the whole situations. For those of you who do not understand the situation please allow me to explain it a little. Trenchwars Strikeball league about 2 years ago however the league was never reformed due to the lack of intereset and motivation in staff. One day Pure_luck brought my attention to the growing need to revive a league. As i have never tried to run a league before i asked for guidance and help. Instead all i recieved was pick some people who will help. So from right off the back i now had a Twl Head op telling me he refused to help. Yet he would allow there to be a team working on this. First thing i wanted to do was find out the popularity of TWSBL. Any of you who were there the first days we were able to open 3 arena and fill everyone of them. So with Wadi, Warthog, Reaver and myself we set out to start this league. All 3 of the members who were in the group could not complete any of the tasks assigned to them. As Wadi being the only TWSBL player of the past league i looked to him for guidence instead i was meet with incompetience. As for Warthog and Reaver the inactivity enabled them to do no work at all. I was determined to create the league anyways. So with help from Dotsy and 404 Not Found we created the league of almost 100 players. Not to bad for a revived league which not many new about. However constantly i asked for Pure_luck to help. I came to him for many enhanments instead i was sent off to someone else when he fully had the ability to do it himself. I do want to thank Dock for the space he allowed up from it was instrumental in the creation of the league. We made it all the way to the Final week before Finally the league failed. It was inevitable due to lack of communication as i was too burnt out to deal with it anymore.

    This isnt the first time a staff member has left due to being burnt out however. Look at some of the best staff we have every had leaving all because they give there own free time to making a zone better. And gotten little to no help from upper staff.

    The largest problem today with lower staff is there are too many people in it for themselves. Many of the staff ive seen have not only abused power, but have continually abused the rules set down. Numerous times information was given out to those who shouldnt have it or warned by pm to stop conduct because staff is watching them. These people im sorry to say are the undoing of the zone itself. They think they are being good friends for telling people this but in reality your hurting the zone by allowing others to cheat. On the same page though there are many other who are given as much of themselves as they can and for that i am grateful to see.

    The largest problem with upper staff is quite simple communication and a lack of self initative. Those with the power are either one of two things. Either never on to use it or Unwilling to. With that i will go into a little something about certain smods:

    Bh822- We worked together almost from the start of Training, however your inactivity made it so that your could not complete your job. When you were promoted to head training coordinator i was appauled. They gave you the job merely becuase you had been staff longer not cuz you were fit for it. Now look at you everyone go ahead ?find bh822. I left training almost 2 months ago and had to come back to pick up the pieces he left. You know what Blame everything on real life problems but that is the thing being upper staff smod isnt something you can just do for a little while being upper staff is a responsibility and a duty. I mean if there was something large telling other will allow you to be covered however nothing from you in little over a month only leads us to believe the worst. Personally i think that A horrible decision was made in making you a Smod. You were a great mod, but you couldnt complete your duties as a smod.

    Pure_luck- I can talk about you for hours the things your done. But ill cut to the point really quick. Never before have i seen someone so worried about being liked. Every time you get critism you are so quick to correct it. Well you know what pure i dont know what was seen in you that they made you dean, but without Pusher you are nothing. He carried the work load then and now you cant carry it. You rather push off responsibilities to others. As Upperstaff you are suppose to be there to help the lower staff members that to came to you. Instead you told them to figure man things out on there own. You have so much power that you are afraid to use. I think like many of other staff that you should resign as you are defiently incapable of doing you job. You think that people are worried about who you recruit as staff. All i can say to you is that staff picks are not based upon what kind of player they are but what they can do for staff. So many times i tried to create a form to fill out for new hire to make it so that we didnt hire staff uncapable of doing there job. (Nyamo a prime Example)! instead to have it thrown back at me telling me it isnt the time. You say you have an incredible judge of character and that is what makes you good dean. Well i got news for you. Your picks for staff lately have been sub standard. You even have to ask us for help becuase you dont wanna go looking anymore. You know very little of what goes around you and even more so little ability to address concerning issues. I only hope that in the future you will learn from the recent resignations as You wer ein charge of us all. Not directly but you job doesnt just stop at hiring us your more like a human resource. Instead you spent most you time in base and when we do try to talk to you get a not right now or a im busy. or even no response yet you playing. You think your so busy that you dont have time for us well we are just like you. Ive spent countless hours just waiting for you to get on to talk with you. Its sad that someone of your position is so unhelpful. Lastly pure how about making some space in staff and growing a backbone to get ride of old mods who do nothing! (not going to name them but you know who they are)

    Cpt. Guano- your a great guy really dont have many problems with you other then that you protect lunar like shes the last piece of food in your refridgerator. Staff is suppose to be unbias and if you think taking a job as internal investigator will help go right ahead. I just hope when problem with lunar come up they are dealt with full integrity. As i know you will.

    Dock>- Unlike most i dont blame you for anything other then if you want to spend all your time doing Twsite. For god sakes please assign someone to oversee your smods and get them back to work. I once emailed you and in your response you told me you were full aware of the lack of motivation of your smods and that you were to blame for it. Well your not as each person is responsible for themselves i just hope to see you be able to correct it. Im glad to see you working hard to make this all self sufficent. You have been one of the largest contributor to all of trenchwars and get little to no recongnition for it. However i applud your hard work and dilgence in all matters. But like i said maybe its time to assign a head to deligate tasks to staff. I do think however you need to be a little more understand to criticism.
    you and pure saw me as a pushy guy. I did not try to bully you guys or tell you how to do your job but yet to give new insite into way that maybe you had not though of yet.

    To all staff- Please do not allow this to degrade your demenor any as most of you do a stand up job. Im always strive to create a new staff and i aspire that you will continue that dream. Remember to abide by the rules and to continue to serve those players who make Trenchwars what it is.

    To all of trenchwars- I am not retiring from this game however i am retiring from all staff spots so i hope to continue to see you all in subspace

    I hope that this is read by every staffer in trenchwars and that many understand these problems and try to address them.

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    Well there goes another one...glad to know you will still stick around though holy $
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      I didnt bother to read past your 2nd paragraph but I guess you really need the attention you get with making a new thread about it.
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        Dropping like flies. See you around, Holy.
        Originally posted by vubinspiran
        I hate X very hard.


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          Yeah I quit too... PSYCHE.
          Originally posted by Facetious
          edit: (Money just PMed me his address so I can go to Houston and fight him)


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            Originally posted by Ezor
            Dropping like flies. See you around, Holy.
            megaman89> tsunami taught me that 1 shouldnt have used it
            L K> taught u what?
            megaman89> how to suck

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              I don't get it.
              Originally posted by vubinspiran
              I hate X very hard.


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                Surely this must mean that TWL is not gonna start at 8 jan.. I mean al 3 people that quit, rodge qan and holybird where all apart of twl. And I don't see P_L doing it on it's own (no I did not mean because of all the shit you are getting I mean it's impossible to pull it all off on your own). I mean, the most sensible thing is to first bring peace to staff then go do large organised stuff, twl would fail hardcore if you would continue, atleast I would think so.

                Edit: For squeezer he has a hard time reading: No this was no sucking staff dick, this was me refusing to give an outspoken opinion on wether P_L is fucking up or not for I do not know enough about it to give a an outspoken opinion, now in the other thread you can see my views on this and wich way I am leaning.
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                  Originally posted by Roxy
                  I didnt bother to read past your 2nd paragraph but I guess you really need the attention you get with making a new thread about it.
                  The boys are back in town.

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                    Elaborate. We have to get to know him.
                    Originally posted by vubinspiran
                    I hate X very hard.


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                      Uh oh... looks like a snowball caused an avalanche. Things must be rotten indeed. Hopefully something good will come out of this yet.


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                        Time has come to replace Pure_Luck.
                        Only the loyal count.


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                          waaaahhhh I quite staff becuase they won't listen to me. So I make a public appeal to save the TW community. waaaaahh. Someone give me a kleenex.

                          News Flash: 90% of what any staffer does could be done by a monkey. the other 10% by a 3rd grader. Losing a certain staff member doesn't mean crap. Remember the uproar and doomsday prophecy from Left_eye being axed!! Now excuse me, I saw another quitting staff thread that I want to post this in.
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                            Anyone have a spare Spellchecker/Grammarcheckerthinger Holy can borrow?
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                              I'm not here.
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