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    I quit when they removed the bar in elim and I couldn’t troll the entire zone anymore.


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      Originally posted by Crescent Seal View Post
      Wat it do n welcum every1 n b blessed by god cres rare presence in this filthy game

      Originally posted by Tone
      It is now time for the energy shift of the 7th root race to manifest on the 3D physical plane and uplift us back to 5D.
      Originally posted by the_paul
      Gargle battery acid fuckface
      Originally posted by Material Girl
      I tried downloading a soundcard


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        Lol hi. Mega Newbie here. I stopped playing bcz I was too addicted and it was affecting my life. I started playing subspace when I was about 12 years old (around 1999) and I really loved it, I started to get better and better at it. The lag in brazil was horrible, more than 350 ms at that time, and i would get specced because of it every 30 seconds. Still, i loved it so much that I insisted playing the game. Since i didnt know any english at that age, i thought my disconnections were bcz i was playing like a demo version of the game, lol. Im not sure when i really got addicted to the game, it was a slow process, but i remember when i was young my mom would try to hide the plug of the computer or do other things to make me stop playing for a while, but i always managed to play it. Lag got better over the years and also server moved to US (today its about 140ms). I played the zone "17th parallel" and turned into a good pub player, after that I started looking for more challenges and discovered the brazilian chat in the game. Most brazilians played trench wars so I decided to play Trench Wars. There were fun competition among the brazilian squadrons (it was before twdd's arenas, we would squad duel in private arenas) and over time I started to compete against the best brazilians players in warbird. I remember i would play in really bad computers. There was a time that I had to play in 800x600 in game resolution because that what the best my computer was able to get. Try to play on that resolution. It's impossible to dodge a warbird bullet. So, at that time I was FORCED to learn how to rush and vulch. And how to dodge only by looking at the movement of the enemies on the radar, before the bullet appeared on the screen. I really loved this game and played many and many hours everyday. I was really addicted. I remember i was so addicted that I would dream about it everytime, i would go to school and think about subspace and nothing else. I would not pay attention on class but draw spaceships. My body was weak, I would not do any physical exercises. I loved to play events and warbird. I'd create alot of tactics to play great in warbird. Brazilians players know I created a site, in portuguese, teaching how to play great in warbird. Every brazilian player would post their warbird tips on my site.
        When I changed to a decent resolution the game looked sooo easy. I started to compete against great players in warbird, and i'd win 1v1 against them all the time, rape them in twdd, but they would still brag about how they won Trench Wars League. So my goal turned to win TWLD. I tried one time, and played ok, but not good enough and not with the right teamates. Then i tried again, got into finals, and i got nervous at the finals because so many people were watching, i had the skill but had no emotional control so i sucked and my team lost. I remember competition was really high, there were about 200 active squads on twd. Then i tried twl again, played great the entire season, got into the finals again. But then my brother decided to download musics while i was playing the final game. Lag attacked me,my brother didnt want to stop and i had to fight against him and discuss while lagging out and playing at the game at the same time. Of course i sucked and my team lost again. I tried one more time, this time with the squad "Stray" i created with Elven, and i remained calm and had no issues this time so we won. Then, after winning twld i thought "ok, finally. What now? Whats the next challenge"? I remember i typed ?usage and saw a high number. I dont remember how much it was, but more than 10k for sure. Maybe more than 20k for all my names, I dont remember. I knew i could have used that time for something more useful for my life. I coul've learn an useful skill, another language, dunno. If i spent that time in another thing i could be great at that other thing. So after winning twld I had to make a choice:Keep playing this game and win future twl's nonstop from the years ahead or... just stop playing the game and focus more on work, women, exercises, study, anything... Playing the game is fun and i would have loved to win more twl's but I decided i had played it enough for my entire life lol. Since i knew i was addicted and spent so much time I decided to stop. It was a strong habit for me to play this game everyday , i loved it, so it was not easy to stop. It was slow process. I tried many times to stop playing and failed. In early 2009 i decided to say publicly i would stop playing: . I changed my nickname password to something to like "sdjkfhjksdfhjksdhfçsd" so i would not recover it. (Thats how i lost my name Mega Newbie), and decided to not play next twl seasons. I cheated and did illegal things to get netbanned. I had to destroy this habit. So i gradually stopped playing and and finally lost interest. I had to make an effort to bury the habit of playing subspace, and after some months i did not miss playing it. My addiction was gone. After that I used to come back like every 3 or 6 months only to talk to ppl on chat and see how things were going. That was it. Thats why and how i stopped playing the game. That was more than 10 years ago.

        Now, let me say some interesting things. After 1 , 2 ,3 or even 5 years without playing i could still beat the great players in warbird. I know that bcz sometimes I would come visit the game, sometimes using alias, play agaisnt these good players and still win them easily, even tought they would play everyday and me once every 6 months. Some players say you never lose your skill, that it is like riding a bike. I thought i would never lose my skill, or that i could get it back pretty fast. But i lost it. I lost it and its gone now. 10+ years without playing is too much. My brain changed. It deleted the skill of playing subspace to replace it with something else. I came back to play recently in the last 2 twl, and I noticed I just can not control my ship anymore. A little before last twl i played everyday and it was not enough to get it back. Not even close. I have troubles dodging easy bullets. It feels so weird. All my tactics and my conscious knowledge of how to play well still in my brain. But when i play it, I die and i have no idea why, lol. I didnt lost all my skill, its not like starting from zero, but i cant beat good warbird players anymore.

        Yeah, it would be crazy to not play for 10 years and still beat these guys that play almost everyday, but if i still could do it after 3 or 5 years, why not 10? hahahahahaha. But i cant. My subspace neurons are gone. Some of them have been playing all this time nonstop for decades and their brains have been creating new and strongers connections for playing the game, while my brain has been deleting it.

        Sometimes I get impressed how some players never stop playing. I mean, it really amazes me. All these years ive been getting online from time to time, on the game and on the forums, to see how things were going, and everytime i get online i type "?find" to look for some players and .... they just keep playing. The awnser to the "?find" command when searching some players is always some hours ago or some days ago. There are ppl that are playing 15 or 20+ years nonstop, almost everyday. Maybe they dont spend so many hours per day as I used to when i played but they are much more constant. In the long run some of them played way more than me. They turned this game into a life habit and I dont think it will be easy for some of them to give up this habit. Maybe some of them will stay in this game until it dies or even until they die, lol. They are going to win many competition bcz they are gonna be the veteran players that have been playing for 20 years competing against the few noobie players that are discovering the game.

        Their consistency / constancy in playing this game inspires me. I mean, it doesnt inspire me to play subspace. But I want this consistency/constancy in some areas of my life, lol. Im struggling to create some good habits. I want to be constant in practicing some good habits in life as those players are in continuum subspace, lol.

        And it also inspires me because I see that some of them are finally getting good at this game. I remember some of them were ok players, but not good. Now some of them, after some decades of playing, are finally great! Congratulations! The power of being consistent.

        Some of them, however, even after so many many years, still so bad (I have no idea how thats possible, but thats just how it is).

        But looking at all of this, i wonder: Are the good players good bcz they are good or just bcz... they play, and play, and play, and play, and play, and play again?
        Who would be the best if every player played the same amount of time?
        What if we could bring the skilled players of the past in their peak, in their best years, to compete against the best players of today? Who would win?

        Only god knows!
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          Originally posted by Rodge_Rabbit View Post
          Hi old timers, I got a private message notification to join TWL! I am not sure why, but cool to read that the community is still going. Hi Qan and all others I recognise

          P.S. Who is this Roger Rabbit? You know I am the original
          Rodge_Rabbit How's it going, Rodge? It's been a minute or two since you gave me my first project on TWCore!

          Glad to see you. Drop in sometime! You'd be surprised to see how active we still are in 2021. And hey, if you're ever looking to come back to TW Staff, hahah...
          "You're a gentleman," they used to say to him. "You shouldn't have gone murdering people with a hatchet; that's no occupation for a gentleman."
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            Originally posted by Cornelius View Post
            But looking at all of this, i wonder: Are the good players good bcz they are good or just bcz... they play, and play, and play, and play, and play, and play again?
            Who would be the best if every player played the same amount of time?
            What if we could bring the skilled players of the past in their peak, in their best years, to compete against the best players of today? Who would win?
            This is a point I've brought up before, but the everyday players who didn't get good until everyone else had long since quit reject it. They have no reason to ever admit otherwise either, because that would diminish their recent accomplishments in their own minds. It doesn't really matter, but I will say that the overall competition, especially in warbird, is not better. If anything, everyone has gotten much worse, because they can't 1v1 anymore. The best most can do is stack on one squad, which turns out to be the majority of active players in the game now. It's really odd to me how so many people would rather avoid competition entirely and basically kill it by doing that even in 2021, but that's how it is.