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  • [TW MAFIA] Western Chronicles

    Rules adapted and modified from previous games.

    For an overview of the main roles and their abilities check out this site:

    The roles I have chosen might be tweaked slightly and/or X-Shot (limited usage ability).

    1) Actions occur in this order: Target modifiers (Busdriver, hider, commuter, nexus) -> Strongman -> Action modifiers (roleblock, protection) -> Killing roles -> Miscellaneous (treestump, recruitment) -> Investigative roles
    Target Modifiers, however, can be roleblocked.
    2) All votes must be BOLDED (e.g. vote: field). Unvotes are not necessary but are allowed
    3) You may not abstain from voting.
    4) There will be NO double lynches. In the event of a vote-tie, the day will conclude with no one being lynched.
    5) Please keep conversation limited to game-related topics. It's really cool to see a game go into hundreds of pages, but it's a bit of a turn-off for new players and those who can only spare a few minutes for reading.
    6) Phases will last however long I see fit. I expect votes every day and night-actions at night. Please don't keep everyone else waiting. Ideally, day phases will last under 48 hours, and night phases approximately 24 hours. It is your responsibility to make sure the game goes quickly though. Weekend phases may last longer. And until Game of Thrones ends, no phase changes on Sunday.
    7) Never re-post any part of any pm sent to you by me. Paraphrasing is okay but I am the final judge of what is acceptable. I will mod-kill you instantly if you do so. Don't be a tool and we'll be cool.
    8) You may not EDIT your posts. Multi-posting to correct what was said is fine.
    9) Do NOT Lurk. I need you to post at least once per phase (more than a one-liner, please). If someone does not do even that much than I will look for a substitute. If someones is seen as lurking more than usual, it is your job as town/mafia to lynch them.
    10) If you're dead, you're dead. Dead people don't talk nor share any information.
    11) If you have any questions, please PM me (in-game or in Forum).
    12) Submit your night actions if you have one. If you don't wish to use yours, please let me know that too so we can move on faster.
    13) I reserve the right to modify the rules slightly for extraneous situations.
    14) I reserve the right to edit/delete posts that don't comply with explicitly stated rules here or via private message.
    15) Don't be shit-heads- to me or to each other.

    Game has begun. PLEASE READ DAY 1 WRITEUP.
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    1- fis - Killed N3 - Father Cole, a Priest-turned-Cannibal (VT-turned-Serial Killer)
    2- Undercut - Killed N2 - Ms. Annabelle, the Bar Maid of Trenchville (Town Roleblocker)
    3- the_paul - Killed N4 - Flynn, the Sheriff of Trenchville (Town Cop)
    4- Missa - Lynched D3 - Eleanor Cobb-Fisher, the Mistress of the Fisher Family Gang (Mafia Roleblocker)
    5- WillBy - Lynched D1 - Dr. Gary, the Doctor of Trenchville (Town Doctor)
    6- Exalt (Mayor) - Lynched D2 - Sam Fisher, the Patriarch of the Fisher Family Gang (Mafia Godfather)
    7- ixt - Killed N3 - Clementine, a Villager of Trenchville (Vanilla Townie)
    8- Rodney - Killed N1 - Bobby Louis, the Bounty Hunter of Trenchville (Town Vigilante)
    9- Voth (Marshall) - WINNER - Felix,the Gambler of Trenchville (Town 2-Shot Commuter)
    10- Zeebu - Lynched D5 - Grey Wolf, Mistrusted Villager of Trenchville
    11- WillBy 2.0 (Subbed in for midoent D2) - Endgamed N5 - Rico Fisher, the Medic of the Fisher Family Gang (Mafia Doctor)
    12- Rodney 2.0 (Subbed in for Scurvy D2) - Lynched D4 - Jonah Taylor, a Member of the Fisher Family Gang (Mafia Goon)
    13- Soilderz (Bodyguard) - WINNER - Patrick O'Toole, a Villager of Trenchville (Vanilla Townie)

    BEGIN DAY 1 - Independence Day Massacre
    BEGIN NIGHT 1 - Justice in Trenchville
    BEGIN DAY 2 - Bobby's Gamble
    BEGIN NIGHT 2 - Notoriety Abound
    BEGIN DAY 3 - Deuteronomy 32:35
    BEGIN NIGHT 3 - Mistress in Distress
    BEGIN DAY 4 - The Priest
    BEGIN NIGHT 4 - The Orphan
    BEGIN DAY 5 - Nightly Terror
    BEGIN NIGHT 5 - The Heathen

    [DAY 1]
    VC 1
    VC 2
    VC 3

    [DAY 2]
    VC 1
    VC 2

    [DAY 3]
    VC 1
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      Independence Day Massacre

      It's Trenchville, sometime after the end of the civil war.
      Once a booming railroad town, it turned into a filthy slum -- a stop in the middle of nowhere, a hub for travelers and scum of all kind.

      The village does have its special days. Today we celebrate the triumph of freedom over servitude.
      The Mayor planned a large feast at city hall, and so the villagers obliged.

      Food, drink, gambling, prostitutes -- and, what's a wild west party without someone getting shot?

      As the Mayor took to the podium and the Marshall closely guarding him, the hall fell into a deafening silence.

      "Citizens of Trenchville,
      Whites, freedmen, heathens, and undesireables.

      Today, we gather..."

      And before he could finish, two bangs followed by a loud thud were heard.
      The Mayor, and the Marshall, have been shot.

      Masked gunmen appeared from the crowd, and took off riding into the sunset.

      Some villagers chased them down the mountain path, but the masked men have used the cover of nightfall to make their escape.

      I stood by, catching my breath.
      In the distance, atop the hill, lies a lonely homestead.
      I wonder what stories it holds.

      A week later...

      The village convenes. It is time to elect a new Marshall and a new Mayor.

      [DAY 1 MECHANIC]

      On Day 1, you will be voting for the person you want to elect as Marshall, instead of voting to lynch someone. The runner-up to the election (person with second-most votes) will be elected Mayor. At the end of the Day, the Mayor will choose whom to lynch.

      Below is the description of the elected roles:

      Marshall - You are the primary elected role of the game. You get to, once during the game, incarcerate a player for one day and night cycle. You must PM me if you want to incarcerate a player and it will happen the next day (+ night). The incarcerated player cannot vote, cannot use his role, and is immune to being targeted by kills during the night.

      Mayor - You are the secondary elected role of the game; the runner up to the election. You gain one extra vote during the day. You also, once elected, get to choose the first player to get lynched in the game (on Day 1). You cannot choose the Marshall.

      Note: Elected roles can be of any alignment and will investigate as Marshall or Mayor.


      Bodyguard - You are the protector of the elected roles. As long as you are alive the Marshall and Mayor are both immune to all hits during the night. The elected roles will not know who you are. The bodyguard will randomly be chosen from the remaining townies after the Mayor chooses who s/he wants to lynch.

      In the event of a vote-tie, the person to reach most votes first will be elected Marshall.

      ​​If you have any questions about Day 1, please ask me.

      EDIT: Adding clarification:

      Originally posted by field View Post
      Some clarifications regarding the roles and Day 1 mechanic after reading your questions whether in public or private:

      -Player selected by Marshall will be notified that they've been incarcerated.
      -Self-voting is OK. First player to receive the most votes will be elected Marshall, in the event of a vote-tie.
      -Marshall one-shot incarceration and Mayor one extra vote can be used at any point during the game. Mayor must pick someone to be lynched on Day 1. Whoever gets elected Mayor, please submit a target as soon as phase ends (or is nearing its end if you have substantial lead). I will set a rough date and time for phase change when I get a chance so you all have an idea. I will end phase, then in separate post I will do a phase change write-up after I receive a name from the Mayor.
      -Bodyguard does NOT die if either Marshall or Mayor were targeted with a kill. This is a slight variation from the traditional Bodyguard role.
      -Marshall, Mayor, and Bodyguard are all in addition to your regular role.
      -Bodyguard will flip upon death.
      -This is only a Day 1 mechanic. Subsequent Day phases will be normal (vote to lynch, player with most votes gets lynched). Marshall, Mayor, and Bodyguard will remain in the game until killed or lynched.

      Lastly, as WillBy mentioned, we discussed the mechanic so that I can better balance these three roles. I was counting on him asking questions for clarification, and he came through. I did not share with him anything about the setup that gives him an advantage over the rest of the players.

      Note: I will add these clarifications to Day 1 write-up for your future reference.
      Thirteen villagers are up for election:
      1- fis
      2- Undercut
      3- the_paul
      4- Missa
      5- WillBy
      6- Exalt
      7- ixt
      8- Rodney
      9- Voth
      10- Zeebu
      11- midoent
      12- Scurvy
      13- Soilderz

      BEGIN DAY 1

      Note: If you have not received your role PM, please let me know ASAP. Also, please post in the thread so I know you saw the game has started and are active. Enjoy and have fun!
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        so game has started?


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          sorry just an honest question field i thought zeebu said he was backing out? he still playing or do we need to restart


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            its an interesting mechanic so we need to distinguish who is willing to step up to make the big moves per night. if they do incorrectly they will have a target on their back the next night...very interesting


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              Originally posted by ixt View Post
              sorry just an honest question field i thought zeebu said he was backing out? he still playing or do we need to restart
              He did not request from me to remove him or post in signup thread. For now he's playing.
              in the meantime, if anyone wants to sub in please let me know and I will keep you in mind.
              Trench Wars Player

              “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde


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                just want to throw it out there im the only player to have survived the previous two games. hehehehe gif me mayor


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                  Hello everyone. Happy to be here.

                  vote ixt


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                    Oh am sorry. Damn I just now read the day 1 mechanic



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                      Make me Major and I'll lynch either Zeebu or ixt.
                      You're welcome.


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                        uh huh...voice of reasoning i SAID id like to be mayor just as an opening joke but fiS already making moves and even got the roles wrong...wheres this major u speak of? heh i know for sure who im NOT voting for


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                          I will go ahead and put my faith for now into

                          vote Voth

                          a. he's a good player and
                          b. statistically chances are good that he's pro town this game.


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                            Originally posted by fiS View Post
                            I will go ahead and put my faith for now into

                            vote Voth

                            a. he's a good player and
                            b. statistically chances are good that he's pro town this game.
                            the good part i agree with 100%. however, the statistically part is not a good reason, PLUS flawed. if ur reasoning is because he was bad last game, where do u put thepaul and rodney? Voth was good then bad, while these two entered straight into the mafia side. just saying the second reason is invalid here, but sure would like to hear what voth wants to contribute.


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                              waiting for more to start speaking and greet one another, then i will decide who i recognize as most pro-townlike